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UltraLife Club Delivers Again!

Charles Andrade and Austin D’Souza of Toronto were very impressed with their vacation experience in December with the UltraLife Club. These two ambitious young men joined our Previous Company #2 last fall and wanted to test our travel product, so decided to book a week’s stay in Capistrano, Southern California. They stayed at the very comfortable and spacious 2 bedroom chalet style condo, called the Riviera Beach and Spa Resort.

They enjoyed the spectacular view from this Pacific Beachfront property along with 2 other friends and had a fantastic time! They had a fully equipped kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all the amenities and access to the pool, but what impressed them was the excellent built-in barbecue on the balcony/deck. They used it every day and Austin assured us that this barbecue was 10 times nicer than anything he had ever used in Canada.

The price of this condo resort was only $399 (all taxes in) for an entire week for all 4 of them. That means they each enjoyed this fabulous vacation spot for only $100 each! WOW! Charles stated that it was cheaper to use the UltraLife Club package than to rent an apartment/house. Avid travelers themselves, both Charles and Austin strongly agreed that to be truly successful with Previous Company #2, they needed to unquestionably believe in the product. ULC delivered BIG TIME!!!! They plan on doing a lot more traveling in the future. Austin confirmed, “It was a very worthwhile vacation that was NOT offered anywhere else.” Charles emphasized,” I was shocked at how easy it was to book. I went online with the Access Card and then clicked on the search engine, Trading Places. It was so simple!” Charles also reported that the service was amazing and that the staff wouldn’t accept tips. The boys had 24-hour access to the beautiful pool table in the Common Room and also used the state of the art Gym facilities every day! Austin loved the shopping in Southern California and says he’d like to move to L.A.

Well, Austin keeps dreaming BIG with Previous Company #2 and you’re sure to realize your goals. You can work “Perpetual Motion” in California and write off all your resort and travel expenses at the same time. Wealth plus the UltraLife Style! We are in the BEST business, aren’t we?

Here is our distributor, STEVE McCALL’S Personal Story:

I wanted to write a short note expressing how proud I am to be involved with such a great company and product. I myself am a timeshare owner and wanted to share my story which will shed even more light on how awesome our product, the UltraLife Club, really is! I bought my first week of timeshare 6 years ago at Carriage Hills resort which is the “owners” resort at Horseshoe Valley, just north of Barrie, Ontario. We paid $18,041.00 for one red week, red meaning you can use the week anytime, high or low season. The annual maintenance fee for the week was $565.00 at the time.

My wife and I have used our timeshare here in Canada several times since we bought it and have also exchanged it for Cancun, Mexico. We were very happy with it…so happy in fact, that we purchased 2 additional red weeks over the last 3 years, making us what is called an “Elite Member”. Each additional week cost us in excess of $20,000 up front and carried with it the additional annual maintenance fee. The “Elite” status does have a few perks such as a complimentary welcome basket upon arrival, some upgrades when available, etc., but really not much else. The bottom line is that for the 3 weeks of ownership we paid almost $60,000, plus our maintenance fees (which increase annually) are $708.00 per week, plus a $210.00 association fee per week.

Three weeks ago I was up at the Previous Company #2 Mentoring Centre working with Janice and we found my resort while browsing through Exotic Traveler (part of the UltraLife Club). To my overwhelming shock, … as a member of Ultralife Club, you can stay at my resort in the room next to mine for only $350.00! No upfront money!
No association fees!
Half the cost of my maintenance fee!
That is awesome! Not so much for the timeshare owner, but as members of UltraLife…it’s huge! We have a product with such massive value that I don’t think that we as Distributors truly realize. The truth is that people are still buying timeshare every day, all over the world.
We owe it to as many people as possible to share the value of our awesome product and this incredible opportunity!
Steve McCall
Previous Company #2 Distributor

UltraLife Club Delivers...Only $399 In Maui

Fred Angel, a new Previous Company #2 Distributor from Calgary was ecstatic when he discovered the phenomenal deal that UltraLife Club offers for a week in a 2 bedroom Oceanfront resort in Maui. The maintenance for this family-type resort is only $399 through ULC.

There is one slight drawback however. Fred already purchased this very same timeshare location in 1992 for $9000 USD and pays $945 (taxes included) for the one week. So why would he be ecstatic about his find? Because… Fred realizes the tremendous value of our product, that’s why! “When I found this resort on the ULC website, I could not believe it! It confirmed my thinking that this was a legitimate product.” Fred will have no hesitation whatsoever, sharing this “fabulous way of taking holidays.”

UltraLife Club Delivers Again

Cheryl and Earl Manning love to travel and look forward to two vacations per year. This couple from Spruce Grove, Alberta are thrilled with UltraLife Club. They booked a resort through ULC only six weeks before taking their vacation last Spring Break in March in Cancun, Mexico.

They stayed at the Sunset Lagoon and Yacht Club and got a 2 bedroom condo for the family of four. The resort only cost them $575 for one week. That means…less than $150 per person/week for the luxurious accommodation. The family was interested in an all-inclusive package and had to pay extra for that feature. They enjoyed an All-you-can-eat, drink vacation with nightly entertainment. They enjoyed the use of the sailboats, beach volleyball and the spa facilities among other things.

Cheryl confirms that it was an “excellent family vacation” and sent us some pics of their holiday.

Access Card Wins Debbie Over

Debbie Renes, a Distributor from Kelowna was one happy customer when she got the ultimate deal with her car rental using the ACCESS Card (Membership Card).
Here’s what she writes:

“Just wanted to share what a great deal I got on a rental car in Kelowna, B.C. today. I do a lot of traveling, so I rent a lot of cars and I pretty much know how to scout out the best deals, but this one tops them all.

Through the airline, when I booked my flight, their discount code gave me $294.71 for 8 days, economy. That was the best I could find up to that point. One major car rental agency was over $500 & another one was over $300.

ACCESS CARD: Through Hertz and the Access Card: 8 days unlimited mileage, free upgrade to Compact: Only $216.94, all in. Now that’s a deal!”

Thanks guys! Debbi Renes



Rosy and Manny Dizon from Winnipeg were delighted to share their ULC travel testimony to Disney World, Florida, the Number one vacation spot in the world. Here is Rosy’s story: “When Manny found out that he was getting his first $5000 in earnings for his green Key from Previous Company #2, he said that he would take us to Disney World. It did not seem true at that time, but we were excited, so excited! We started browsing the UltraLife Club website and we found the “Floridays” resort. We fell in love with the pictures and its amenities and after a month we made the reservation for our resort and our flights. Manny and I, our son T.J. and his girlfriend Kaycee finally flew to Orlando, August 1, 2008 and came back August 8, 2008, very happy.

We stayed at the Floridays Resort – a luxury condominium resort hotel in the middle of magic. It is 2.3 miles from Sea World and 2.4 miles from Disney World.

When we entered our suite, we were impressed by the well-designed floor plans, the vibrant Mediterranean style décor, art, window treatments and accessories complete with high quality, durable and upholstered furniture in every room. The suite had 2 spacious bedrooms with comfortable beds dressed with elegant beddings and 2 luxurious bathrooms. The master bedroom, overlooking a huge pond, had a king size bed. The bathroom had a whirlpool/jacuzzi that we enjoyed each evening after a whole day of fun at Disney World. The other bedroom had 2 full beds and both bedrooms had a 27 inch TV and a ceiling fan.

The generously sized kitchen was well equipped with all appliances including a dishwasher. We truly made use of the kitchen a lot as we enjoyed cooking shrimp and scallops in garlic butter. We dined on a glass top dining table that sat six. There was also a washer and dryer in the suite that made our stay more convenient. The living room was furnished with gorgeous furniture, a ceiling fan and a 37 inch Flat Panel HD Plasma TV and DVD player.
We had a great time at the beautifully landscaped grand pool complex and a beach area with a therapeutic pool and heated whirlpool spa….it was so relaxing…..we felt rich! We truly enjoyed our stay. It is so wonderful to come home to our condo and relax after a day of fun and shopping. We could not have chosen a better place for that price. (As an Access member, we paid $140.00 per night plus 6.5% Orlando tax –that is half the rack rate of $280.00). I certainly would recommend it to my friends.
Had we not purchased the Ultra Life package, we would not have found this amazing resort and experienced all the fun that we had. Going to Disney World and staying at this wonderful resort truly brought happiness into our hearts…..and of course we would love to do it again! See what 1 green key can do…..it can make a family’s dream come true…can you imagine 10 keys?!”

Distributor Of The Week: (“Their Kauai resort was only $399 through ULC, compared to $680 with Timeshare.”)

Earl and Cheryl Manning and their 2 teenage sons, Cameron and Cody live in Spruce Grove, Alberta. They are a close-knit family who lead busy lives and love to travel as often as possible. Cheryl works as a Registered Nurse at Stollery Children’s Hospital. Her husband, Earl is a cabinetmaker and a finished carpenter. Cameron juggles his time as a lifeguard, a swim instructor, sail instructor and soccer referee, while Cody is a Grade 12 student and works at Superstore.

Cheryl first got involved in Perpetual Motion right at the beginning in March, 2007. She experienced a fast start when she became DOS in less than 2 weeks, but because there were no Edmonton meetings taking place at that time, it became extremely difficult for her to continue growing their business. Imagine how thrilled they were to find out that the corporate team was arriving in Edmonton this past July to launch Previous Company #2 in their home city!

Cheryl is now Super VP qualified. Earl received Sales Credits from having had previous time leverage experience so he went into Adopt-A-Networker.com and entered the “Loading Dock.” He became DOS in a month just this past summer.

What’s happening in Edmonton now? This warm and caring couple is stepping up to the plate to provide leadership at the local level. They explain, “We are seeing an explosion... we are now holding up to 3 meetings a week in the Edmonton and Spruce Grove area and developing a strong and excited local group They are looking into the possibility of creating a Mentoring Center. “We have several SVP qualified people in our local area so testimonies are getting stronger and we are excited about that!”

Earl and Cheryl would like to retire from their present careers and work Previous Company #2 full time. Cheryl adds, “Earl has had bilateral knee surgery done and his surgeon has said he cannot continue much longer in his line of work as a finishing carpenter so this opportunity is incredible for us and for everyone else as well.”

Cheryl and Earl love to travel as a family, so took their 2 sons on a vacation to Mexico during March Break with the UltraLife Club.

“It was minus 30 degrees Celsius here in Edmonton one February day, when we decided we had to escape the cold and go somewhere warm. We love taking our children with us, so we planned a trip for Spring break. We started looking on the Ultralife club website and to our disbelief, we were able to reserve an all-inclusive resort in Cancun the very next month at Spring Break!?! We flew to Cancun, Mexico and stayed at the Sunset Lagoon Marina and Yacht Club. We had absolutely beautiful accommodations there with 2 bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 Jacuzzis. Our cost was only $575.00 U.S. for a whole week for 4 people at Spring break! Can you believe it? It included sailing, nightly entertainment and the use of facilities. Our all-inclusive fees were on top of the $575 but the rental fee was incredible! We had an absolutely awesome time! We have also used ULC for travel to Florida--discounts to Universal Studio, Busch Gardens, hotel accommodations, car rentals. In Hawaii, we used it for activities and tours as well.”

Cheryl and Earl believe wholeheartedly in the value of the UltraLife Club product. In 2004 the Mannings bought a week of “Timeshare” in Kauai, prior to learning about Previous Company #2 and purchasing the Ultralife Club. At that time, they paid $12,000 U.S. which converted to over $15,000 CAN. Annual maintenance fees worked out to be about $680.00, whether they travelled to Kauai or not. They were booked there for the same resort at the same time every year. If they wanted to travel elsewhere, they had to incur a $199.00 exchange fee with RCI. “It was then a complicated process of depositing your week first before you were allowed to see what was available and we have been very disappointed with the attempts to exchange our travel week.”

Here is what the Mannings found out, “After we bought the ULC, we found our exact resort in Kauai, that we had previously purchased with RCI, on the ULC website! It was only listed for $399.00 for the week! Wow! What a deal!”

Cheryl and Earl are thrilled with ULC and the fact that it offers over 150,000 locations to choose from, so that you’re not tied to any one resort. They get an average of 5 weeks a year and it is way more affordable! As well, there are discounts on everything you can imagine. “Without the ULC, we never would have dreamed of traveling to so many exciting locations worldwide, of which we are now making a list and looking forward to experience as a family. It is awesome.......”

“We are all excited about both the ULC for the travel opportunities as well as the Previous Company #2 business opportunity. We are working toward achieving our dreams of financial independence and retirement. Also, we are helping friends and family to also achieve their dreams. It is so exciting watching someone whom you have personally introduced to this business get up and share their testimony and watch their eyes light up with excitement. It also opens the doors for our teenage children for an incredible future and to know that it is okay to dream and that Previous Company #2 is the vehicle to help achieve those dreams. Thank-you Previous Company #2!

John Young, Mississauga, ON. (John Can't Believe It's True!)

John Y. from Oshawa, a well-known and respected Distributor with Previous Company #2, has owned a Timeshare Resort at Walt Disney World since Feb. 2004. He had purchased a 2 bedroom, 5-day Timeshare package through the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) for the sum of $17,000 U.S.D. John also pays a yearly maintenance fee of $700.

When John recently discovered, that our very own UltraLife Club has access to all the Disney Resorts, including his timeshare resort, “Saratoga Springs,” he expressed dismay. “Disney, being as big as it is, you would think, the DVC would have had exclusivity, and nobody else would have access to it!” He couldn’t believe that Saratoga Springs was listed in the “Exotic Traveler” program with ULC. You can book “Saratoga Springs” for an $800 maintenance fee for 7 days with ULC, without ever having to pay the enormous upfront money…..$17,000!

FYI…John’s timeshare is now FOR SALE… Any takers????

"Deal-A-Days" Are Phenomenal!!

The “Deal- A- Days” are emailed to Distributors every Monday highlighting 7 terrific “Last Minute” Deals and 7 “Regular” Deals that our customers can enjoy using our product. The UltraLife Club has the most AMAZING DEALS and constantly reminds us of how great these deals really are. Remember… the Last Minute deals are not really that last minute. They can be up to 90 days within travel.

Each “Deal –A-Day” is handpicked and searched out by Previous Company #2 or by Distributors/individuals who email us their findings. We encourage you to send us your best findings as you navigate the ULC website and other sites. Send us a listing of a terrific deal and you will receive $100 in Sales Credits if we choose to include your find in the “Deal –A- Days.” The best listing for the month will receive another $500 in Sales Credits.

Find the best deal and forward it to cs@ultralifeclub.com

Do you understand what the “Compared at” price really means?

We Google the entire globe to search out the very LOWEST PRICE advertised for that resort/vacation site during a specific time period.

This is the CHEAPEST price we can find anywhere. It is NOT the suggested retail price. The ULC price can often be 50 to 80% cheaper than the lowest price advertised. You can’t find your resort accomodation cheaper anywhere than at this comparison price…except through our product, UltraLife Club.

Do you really understand the value of our product now?

Melody McKelvie from Kelowna Shares Her Passion For UltraLife Club:
(“A girlfriend and I and her 24 year old son went to Las Vegas for a Zen Mastery...it was great!)

We were going for a week so we needed 2 nights before the weekend and 3 nights after. I booked the rooms online through UltraLife and we stayed at a 4 star on the Strip for 2 nights for $185 USD, taxes in for three adults. That was very good! These rooms go for well over that price for 2 people per night. We also found out that they are selling Time Shares down there for $48,000 for one week! Wow...and there are so many of them! We were very happy with our accommodations and I am having fun planning our next vacation.

We have a terrific feature: under Condos, click, "Vacation Planner," then follow the page and you can literally put in your dates of travel and where you want to go and for how many etc. and then it will notify you as early as every 4 hours as to the availability!! It's your own travel agent ...too cool! That is just one of the many great features we have. I believe the timing is perfect...we all need passports and we all need to be ready to travel and we have access to all of that and more with Previous Company #2 and the UltraLife Club!”

ULTRALIFE CLUB DELIVERS AGAIN!: (Calgary Family Loves Their Hawaiian Vacation!)

Dee and Dave Amos, along with their daughter Denyka were thrilled with their vacation resort in Waikiki back in July. Denyka had worked hard all year and her parents treated her and her friend, Kelsey to a family vacation in Hawaii. Judging by Dee’s story and the holiday pictures, they had a glorious time.

”We live in Calgary, AB, and our family decided to try out the ULC. Our daughter, Denyka wanted to go to Hawaii and we thought that was a great idea since we had never been there before.

We first checked with Expedia as well as different Travel Agents and they all came up with prices of about $400-$520 more than what we found with the UltraLife Club. The ULC website was easy to browse and provided several choices and certainly the right price. Booking the resort online was easy.

We decided to go for 10 days. We left on July 15th and since this was a Wednesday, we couldn't get into the Resort until Friday. We then used our Access card and got a discounted rate in a Hotel across the beach in downtown Waikiki. The rate we paid was only $99.00 per night.

Our wonderful resort was named the "Hawaiian Princess" in the Makaha Valley. It was a 2-bedroom unit with a kitchen, a laundry room, a huge balcony and a master bedroom with a gorgeous view and the sounds of the ocean. This was a 16 storey building and we were on the 15th floor, which gave us a spectacular view of the entire valley.

The girls had their own room with a washroom that had 2 sinks, 2 closets, a toilet and a bidet which they thought was "sweet" (in teenager's language). We had our own area which was very private and the living room and dining room was where we could watch TV and we even had our own telephone.
We would go out every morning to enjoy our adventures, and by the end of the day we all looked forward to going home to relax.

The rate we paid for this was............. Are you ready? Do you really want to know?? OK....... I will tell you.

It was only $499.00 for the entire week!
This vacation was well deserved, and will be a memorable one for all of us. Will we do it again? Absolutely!”
"The UltraLife Club delivered what they promised."

(Family Felt Like They Were In A Castle)

“My family just got back from Mexico and we used one of the ULC “Promo” tickets. We stayed at the Paseo del Sol condo in Playa del Carmen, a beautiful 5 star condo with beach access. We paid $550 USD (taxes in) for 4 persons for 4 nights. From comparing prices, we saved at least $500 US and were able to stay in a condo vs. a hotel.

We felt like we were in a castle. The condo had three bathrooms (soaker tub, double sinks, large walk in shower, etc), 2 large bedrooms (king bed in master), large kitchen (stainless steel appliances), washer/dryer, lots of windows and rounded walls (like a castle), deck. We had a large private roof top with dining, bar and tanning areas and also an outdoor shower. We could have entertained a large group on the roof top. This resort had a beautiful large swimming pool, tennis courts and a spa. There was also a golf course next to the resort.

The process was very easy. I just handed them a confirmation coupon that I received via email and that was it!
Thanks Previous Company #2!”

Pam Bartha
British Columbia

This Is A Gotta Read! (Priceless story from Lillian and Glenn who did NOT use the ULTRALIFE CLUB! Oh no!)

“We recently went to Disney World in Florida with our daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons aged 8 & 10. It was a fabulous trip but unfortunately our daughter had booked the entire holiday last January, prior to us joining the UltraLife Club. The accommodations were fantastic, reasonably new, 3 bedrooms and would have slept up to 8 people, with a nice location about 10 to 15 minutes from Disney World. We were there for 10 days and the bill at the end was just over $2600.00 or approx. $1300.00 per couple.

The “kicker” was that prior to leaving on this wonderful holiday, Lillian checked out the UltraLife Club for a property in the same general area, recorded the information and brought it along. We decided to check out the ULC property personally and were very pleasantly surprised at the beautiful property that we could have enjoyed. It would have easily accommodated 8 people, but was only 2 bedrooms. However, one of the bedrooms was a large self contained room with two beds, its own fridge and stove, Jacuzzi tub, walk in shower and outside entrance, as well as its own balcony and furniture. The second bedroom was large; with a King size bed, a walk in closet, Jacuzzi tub, balcony with furniture. The main area had a full kitchen dining area & the living room was beautifully furnished and again with its own balcony and furniture, and a hideaway bed that looked expensive. It also had its own washer/dryer combo.

The property manager took us on a tour and showed us two different accommodations, some of the amenities, including 3 pools, game rooms, outside children’s play areas, and simply put, a fabulous property 2.8 miles closer to Disney World. Folks we could have booked this property for… are you ready? $420.00 for 7 days!

We wanted to share this because everyone wants to be convinced that the UltraLife Club Is real and delivers value. We can assure you we will never go on a holiday again without using the ULC!”
Lillian & Glenn.
Kamloops, BCdis