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Will Wiens

For Those Who Need to Know About Baron A Neil

I've known Baron approximately 10 years. My first impression was, "wow, this guy can sell!" That was my first time I went to a Previous Company meeting held at the Grand Hotel in Kelowna, BC. I got involved with Previous Company and went to as many meetings as I could. We went to a few social get together with Baron after some meetings, and enjoyed chatting about other interests as well, such as politics, news, and the state of business affairs in Canada. We shared a number of topics that we believed in similarly.

Soon after, my work took me to Calgary, where I met Baron again on several occasions and later I joined him at a leaders get together in the Toronto area. Here I also saw his passion for cool cars as he had them on display for those that were interested.

In the beginning, my involvement with Baron was because of my interest in Previous Company. I found him to be a top notch presenter, a good teacher, and did he ever know how to "close the deal"! Even though I was a supervisor in the construction industry, my interest in sales had always been there, as I've been involved with many networks, I was very much wanting to learn all I could so as to improve my skills. Baron was the best I had ever run into! For that matter, Previous Company was also the only such type of business that I ever made any money at!!

My wife and I had many good experiences during my involvement with Previous Company. I think of one lady who really wanted to get involved with Previous Company, although she just didn't have the money. She wasn't even my personal recruit, but was brought in by my daughter in law. I'm a trusting sort of guy who likes to help people, so I lent her the money, when she promised to pay it back when her payday came. I don't necessarily recommend this sort of thing, and it could backfire, nevertheless, I felt this single mom would do as she said.

I actually will never again do or recommend doing what I did ever again. You see, I did that for a few more people but they never paid me back. And then I heard of a number of others who did the same but on a larger scale and it completely backfired. Here is why: lending money and especially all of the money is a terrible idea! Most will never pay it back as it’s too easy to quit and that's not fair for them or you. The person borrowing has "no skin in the game" so to speak, so he doesn’t learn the system, blabs all about the company though he knows nothing and therefore he has zero success and quits at the first NO! Instead if it was his own money he would try a lot harder and actually make it work.

Now, Previous Company presentations were great and at the end, people who had pay days were invited to come up and share a little of their stories! It was so interesting how Previous Company was "improving their lives"! One lady that my wife and I brought in gave such a moving testimony, of her success that everybody was touched. Then, unbeknownst to my wife and I, she publicly thanked us for believing in her and helping her. Wow! I don't think there was a dry eye in the place!!

Previous Company was a great place to meet people. We met so many really nice people, and a lot of them are still friends with us today! I have found that people who get involved with networking are basically good and decent people who want to improve their lives, by not only making some money to help out financially, but also by becoming better people, who sincerely want to help others do the same! This opportunity basically allows people with a little money to work part time, improve their lives and make new friends.

During my time with Previous Company, I was also involved when some anti-mlmers started to hassle Baron. And I also saw first hand how corrupt the media was by wrongly reporting what they called the facts.

During my time with Previous Company, even though I made money, I could still see some weak areas regarding the business model.

After Previous Company shut down, I have run into some people who choose to blame Baron for "loosing" their money. This is something I could never figure out. I think many people are very naive when it comes to business. When you get involved with these types of businesses, the terms and conditions are clearly laid out. When they are followed, you make money, when they are not followed, you don't! That's quite straight forward and simple to understand. Remember, if you do something foolish and against all recommendations, you have no right to blame somebody else for your error in judgement! From my perspective, nobody lost their money, because they received a product for their purchase! Yes I heard about some people who "loaned" a number of people the money for their purchase, and then conditions weren't met, and these people then didn't get paid and so they couldn't repay their "loans"! All I can say is, "to bad, so sad"! I actually did the same, and I also didn't get repaid, but it never occurred to me to blame Baron for that. That was my risk and therefore also my loss!

After Previous Company shut down, then the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) did a lot of very nasty things. I can speak personally to that. And then I ran into very many others who experienced the same injustices by our government. Even though I declared all my revenues under my business and paid taxes accordingly, the CRA decided that it was all personal income and reassessed me again for that. And to add insult to injury, they declared that I made about 4 times as much as I really did, which they intentionally incorrectly concluded from the records they took when they raided Previous Company's offices. Some people are still fighting these injustices with the CRA. This has nothing to do with Baron, but some people are still choosing to blame Baron for that. That's just wrong.

Well, enough of that. After Previous Company shut down, I continued to follow Baron's life for the next number of years by checking with his friends regarding his whereabouts. Then, just shy of two years ago, Baron and I became friends on Facebook, and we came into personal contact again. Since that time, we have talked repeatedly on the phone, probably for at least and hour or more every two weeks or so, sometimes more frequently and sometimes for longer periods of time. This has allowed me to get to know Baron much much better! We've talked about many things other than business, on such topics as governments, religion, friends in common, and personal family things. I was very happy for him when his daughter was born, as my own 13th grandchild was born much the same time and it also was a girl!

Needless to say, we also talked business. He shared with me what he saw wrong with Previous Company, as did I. Then he shared with how he had spent countless hours working out improvements in this new plan, and fixing all the weak points. From each new fix that he shared, I immediately could tell that the fix would solve the old problem! Like everything else, once the problem was solved, it seemed simple enough, although the trick is first to solve the problem! That's where his genius comes out! I could tell, that he had spent an awful lot of time at it! I won't bother with rehashing the problems, except the one about the "dead boards". The fix is better than I could have imagined. You could now literally say that the slowest boards now become the best.

Life has a way of throwing "curve balls" at you. My construction days came to an end and so I started trucking a little while ago. This allowed much time to think and talk (through "Bluetooth" speaker systems). This afforded me the opportunity to discuss at length with Baron the different aspects of HRI. In fact, there was a time when Baron and I were talking many hours almost daily. I believe that I was a good sounding board for him discussing all the different details and "fixes", taking the older versions of first Previous Company and secondary Previous Company to new and better levels. I found it so interesting how the thought process went from problem to solution and how each detail has a specific reason for being there! Like I said earlier, people who will see this business plan along with the remuneration system, will just think to themselves that this is really good, never realizing that good things just don't appear! They have to be created, concept by concept, detail by detail, and if I say so myself, it takes genius to come up with a plan that covers all the potential pitfalls along the way, creating motivation at all the right places. I also made some suggestions along the way from my own experiences and I believe Baron even incorporated some of them.

Well, like so many others, I can hardly wait to see how successful HRI is going to be! I don't think there has ever been as good of an opportunity, as this fully revised "Time Leverage System" is now, which has been made available to the ordinary individual! The other thing is the products. The business has a few of the old products still available, but there are so many new ones!! Can you imagine, HRI having the ability to provide a platform to market any new product, manufactured anywhere in the world, and then sell it to anywhere in the world? And there are others, and all you have to do is look at the retail website! Truly exciting!!

Dave Martin

I would like to take this time to tell you a short story, I won’t take much of your time. First let me just tell you very little about me, my name is David I am a retired disabled veteran US Navy. I was an EO (equipment operator) I served 1977 till 2004. I’m living in the Philippines I am living the dream, but enough About me let me start the story. 2015 I was shopping when I ran into another American his name is Joe we are chatting for about a half hour and then exchanged numbers, needless to say we became friends

Joe introduced me to a couple more of his friends we would have cook outs and small parties, I left the Philippines in June to go back to the US for medical treatments, all my medical is covered thru the VA. I stayed in the US for two months when I got back to the Philippines I met up with Joe and while we were talking he was working and was telling me what he was doing, and also telling me about a business opportunity that he is about to get in to.

Joe wanted me to meet his boss Baron and I agreed to meet with him. So the story really begins Joe told me that we were invited to Baron's house for a cook out, we make it to his house on the way into the house our nanny was bitten by a dog it didn’t break the skin but is was scratched Joe introduced me to Baron and Oliver I told Baron about what happened, Baron ask his fiancé to get some medical supplies to clean the wound, our nanny is all patched up. I’m just quietly standing around and watching this organized chaos.

We are going to the roof to cook, eat, and drink needless to say it was time to carry everything up to the roof, ugg 3 story house, Baron started cooking Oliver is the quite one and a very mellow personality now Baron on the other hand is totally opposite of Oliver “EH” as luck would have it, it started to rain just a very light shower, so now the debate begins carry all this stuff back down the 3 flights of stairs, Baron was against going down, after 10 min he was over ruled, as soon as everyone grab something, it stopped, I really didn’t know how to take Baron he was loud and seemed very bossy.

The food was cooked, great steak cold beer, as the night went on my nanny started to complain her leg was hurting, Baron ask her what she would like to do, if she wanted to go to the hospital he would take her and very willing to pay the bill, (side note) the dog didn’t belong to Baron but he really stepped up. That showed me a lot about him, so from that day in the mid Aug. 2015 I became friends with Baron and his family. Since that day our families have visited each other’s house, the group of friends has grown we have a gang of seven when we get together we love to play cards, all of us are very competitive it’s always a good time, then its karaoke time.

We enjoy going out to the club for food and drink and enjoy the local bands, we have done this on many occasions, Baron, Oliver, and their partners went to a nearby island for a long weekend after they got there Baron message me that the room would sleep 12 people so he invited me and my fiancé to join them, which we did they had rented scooters so when we got ours we were off to the beach and exploring the island, what a great weekend. I could go on and on about the fun our families and our group have had but I won’t bore you with all of that.

Now I would like to tell you a little more about Baron as I see it and what I have learned about him and the business he has been working on since I’ve known him. You can do your own research and come to your own conclusions and what you read good or bad, says nothing about the man till you can actually meet him, Baron started in this business in 1994 same year I retired, if I only met him after I got out of the Navy WOW. Baron has had his ups and downs in life and in business. In November 1994 Baron join Fortune in Motion [FIM] he was very successful in this business earning 156k in just six weeks, but what Baron found out what he was selling was way over priced and the same product could be bought much cheaper that got him thinking how could he sell this to his grandma, it didn’t pass the grandma test. So in good conscience he quit the business.

Baron then join the competition (Fairway) Baron, he made less money but he could sleep at night it passed the grandma test, he quickly rose in this company becoming part owner and still working as a distributor, but the company was fading fast, the system wasn’t working, Baron then went to Las Vegas to attend an electronic show looking for more product. Keep in mind all the time Baron is trying to reinvent the wheel in each of the companies he worked all had flaws and he knew it, while in Vegas he went to a hotel called Treasure Island he instantly fell in love with the pirate ship theme.

On his return flight he was thinking of a person he met six months’ prior that was a wholesaler of precious gems combining that thought with a pirate ship theme, is when came up with his version of Treasure Island, after working on his ideal his partners ask him what he was working on Baron with great in trepidation reviled his plan, all the partners loved the plan and was on board with it, Baron really wasn’t looking for partners but he did it anyway. Even Baron was President of Treasure Island his calling is to be a distributor so after his 9-5 job as President he started being a distributor and ended up making more at that then as being President. The partners were jealous because he was making much more than them and wanted part of his earnings, even though they didn’t want to work for it.

The company wasn’t growing like he had hoped and he was not going to give them something they didn’t earn so he invited them out and offered his share of the company for just two dollars with the condition he could compete. Well after they stopped laughing at him they accepted his offer, even though he never started a competing business, he still got the last laugh because just three short months after he left the business closed.

Baron's next adventure was in a company called “Alpha Club” which had 250,000 distributors in 21 countries in just a few months Baron rouse thru ranks to become the number 1 distributor worldwide he was offered a management position which he turned down Baron traveled to England and Hong Kong to master the “Alpha” system, one of Baron's friends suggested that he start Treasure Island. After thinking about it he remembered that it didn’t work something was missing giving it much thought he came up with Gem-Cache a Gem store in a box, that began “Treasure Trader International” the first meeting had only four people show up not very promising but it grew rapidly earning over 34 million dollars in wholesale the first year.

This company had massive growth having 13 meetings each week having over 300 people attend on the weekends on the first year anniversary a very big company party was given, white glove service included food and drink also a hired Tom Cochrane must have been a great evening.

In every company there is always some people that want to cheat the system even here there was a few rogue distributors and they kept the full amount not giving the supplies and the company was under investigation after two weeks the investigators said the company was ok but they will go after the individuals now if you read this one thing that should stick out, Baron has risen to the top in every adventure he got involved in. Now you can go on line and find some bad things about Baron but in fairness also research his accuser and look at his motivation, like i said earlier I have been in a few MLM’s and to be honest I was on the fence with HRI but after knowing Baron for over a year and spending time with him and his family IM ALL IN. I hope you do your homework and make your own conclusion and come and be a part of the family and HRI.

Keith Taylor

Baron A Neil – Star Distributor for Home Run International – A New Perspective

With email, texting and Facebook, there aren’t many opportunities to get to know someone. In fact, we tend to Google the names of people we have just met in order to make sure we aren’t befriending a mass murderer. The truth is Google and certain forms of social media give us very little insight into who someone really is in the real world. It’s incumbent on us to investment the time and effort to get to know someone before passing judgement.

In the latter part of 2016, I had occasion to meet Baron A Neil through a mutual friend. As an American ex-pat living in the Philippines, I try to embrace any opportunity I get to make new friends, especially the English-speaking variety. At first, I was introduced to Baron on a social level, eventually learning about a business venture he is involved with. It’s called Home Run International. After sitting through the company’s enthusiastic presentation with a rather verbose Baron sitting at my side, I was fascinated with the whole MLM concept, especially as presented by the host and future star distributor, Mr. Neil.

During out initial conversations, I was able to tell Baron a bit about my background as a high-level accountant and professional writer. Baron invited me to get involved in editing some of the company’s documentation in exchange for a bit of compensation. He was also very interested in my perspective on Home Run International based on my background in both accounting and finance.

Prior to discussing my relationship with Baron, I want to take the opportunity to say how amazing I believe the Home Run International concept is. Without having prior experiences with other MLM ventures, I certainly understand the concept. With that said, I find some of the additional safeguards being offered by Home Run International to be, well, brilliant. The whole process is designed to give distributors and customers a maximum amount of earning potential with a minimal amount of real risk. I fully plan to participate as a distributor and have great faith this will be a terrific venture for anyone who gets involved.

As part of the decision-making process, I realized it was important to assess how I felt about Baron in order to feel comfortable about investing my hard-earned cash in the business. As is habit with most people, I Googled his named. Much to my surprise, I discovered there were past issues that needed vetting. I learned a long time ago that everything you read on the Internet needs to be viewed with some skepticism. In fact, what I read about Baron on the Internet didn’t seem to jive with the man I had recently met.

My first course of action was to discuss what I read with our mutual friend. He too was aware of the information that was out there for public display. Instead of giving me a directive to ignore what I had seen, he simply suggested I get to know Baron before I make any judgements. This mutual friend and I had become close friends and his suggestion was taken to heart.

Over the next few months, I got the opportunity to work with and socialize with Baron. I paid close attention to not only his actions and behavior, but also that of the people he had surrounded himself with. You can tell a lot about a person based on his associations. Over time, I came to realize that putting aside the “intense” version of Baron in the workplace, he was actually pretty hysterical when he would let down what is left of his hair. He enjoys a beer, playing cards, playing pool, joking around and talking politics. Since I don’t drink, I’m glad to say we had the other things in common.

Contrary to my passive personality, I felt it was important to let Baron know what I had read about him and give him an opportunity to add perspective. Any good reporter knows that anytime adverse info is set out about an individual, that individual deserves the opportunity to comment. There’s two side to every door as well as every story.

After mentioning what I had read, it was evident that Baron is affected by what has been said about him. He took the opportunity to tell me about those parts of his life. He took great care to explain what he was responsible for and that which was embellished. What concerned me the most were written claims about a prior MLM that Baron was involved with. Using past experience as my guide, I Googled the name of the man who had made such harsh claims. From prior experience, I knew the validity of any information is only as good as the person delivering the message.

What I learned about this individual was he had a personal agenda. Further research indicated the man had conveniently veered from the facts to make his case. When a man has to resort to dishonest measures to make their case, there is no case. Once again, I had encountered something that proved there are in fact two sides to every story. Further research supported what Baron had told me and I believe him. It’s important to note that Baron was not looking to defer responsibility from his actions. Like all of us, mistakes were made and regret and sorrow were part of how Baron addressed some of the issues. It’s tough for a man like Baron to bare his soul to a casual friend, but he let his guard down and addressed all my concerns.

Moving forward, I have been willing to accept Baron as a man with both great passion and drive to succeed. But he’s not looking to succeed at all costs. He is helping to build a company that will provide a great future for all participants. Anyone interested in Baron and what he is trying to achieve needs to pay particular attention to what I’m about to offer about him.

In my spare time (LOL), I work as a volunteer for a Philippines-based charity. In fact, I’m the Chief Financial Officer. Upon hearing about our endeavor to feed severely malnourished children in this poor third-world country, Baron was very quick to ask how he could help. Not only did Baron make a perpetual pledge of funds to help these starving kids, but he also requested the opportunity to get involved in a more material way once the company launched. The charity has discussed several options and to date, Baron has indicated he wants to be very involved in a unique fund-raising concept that Fight Hunger With Hunger is putting forth in the future. The truth is the man cares.

For those who are interested, I encourage you to visit the charity’s website at www.fhwh.org. Baron is very much a part of our efforts and we’re immensely grateful he has adopted our cause.

Through his own endeavors with HRI, he has motivated the organization to dedicate resources to improving the environment. I know this is something very dear to Baron’s heart. He lives on this planet with his family and he doesn’t want the environment to put lives at risk, now or in the future. Prior to signing up with Home Run International, I strongly suggest everyone read what the company is offering to do as far as resources to help planet Earth stay clean enough to support life in a meaningful way without harm to our children. This is something we should all care about and Baron deserves all due respect for sharing these efforts with the company and potential distributors.

For all the cynics out there who might wonder why I have offered up my perspective on Baron, I have only this to say. I wanted too. Baron is not a perfect man, neither am I or anyone else on this planet. I have seen him risk his entire reputation and financial security trying to help build something that will feed families, starving children in third-world countries and help the environment. He is loud at times, overbearing at other times. He is also a teddy bear. Far from the guy described in some of those ill-advised postings. I’m not one to go out on the limb for anyone. I’m also not one to take getting involved in a business venture lightly. I have young kids and security means a great deal to me. With that said, I’m happy to hook my wagon to Home Run International based on three things. Baron’s drive to succeed, his dedication to the people and things around him and his insane sense of humor. The quality of the people involved with HRI only seals the deal.

Keith Taylor
CFO Fight Hunger With Hunger