Testimonials - Compensation

Shiela E Nesbitt

Before I tell you what I can’t believe is true, I have to introduce you to a gentleman who over almost quarter of a century conceived a thought, gave birth to an idea and has created a company where many people have made big money. Baron A Neil is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of HomeRun International. Once this business is launched, I am predicting that it will be one of the largest online networking companies ever.

Baron began his career in 1994 as a distributer for a company and with the Time Leverage System ”, in six weeks he had earned $156,000.

As Baron worked in this company he found out that the product, although it seemed to be a really good deal, it was way over priced. Baron, a man of great integrity could no longer be a part of this business.

To say he was crushed is putting it mildly. If he could not sell this product to his grandmother and feel good about it, and be able to sleep at night not only did he not want to sell it, but his conscience would not allow him to do so. Thus the “Granny Test” was born. Baron will not be involved with any products that do not pass the Granny Test. In other words, any product that is to be sold in this company are products that if they were sold to his grandmother would be at a fair price and it would also be an excellent deal for her.

While this experience was very disappointing for Baron, he went on to bigger and better things. Through events and a few years later Previous Company #1, Previous Company #1 was founded. The first meeting of Previous Company #1, four people showed up. Something must have happened between that first meeting and the end of a year because sales were over 34 million dollars!

This is where I met Baron for the first time.

A friend invited me to attend one of the meetings, but refused to tell me anything about the business.

I remember walking into this room filled with people who were all talking at the same time. There were little groups standing around the room, or just 2 people engaged in an animated conversation. Some words I picked up were pirate ship, jolly roger, keys, treasure chest, emeralds, make lots of money. I didn’t know if this was a business meeting or the development of a kids’ game. Well, it turned out to be one of the most exciting meeting that I had attended for a long time. Every word I heard was part of a system that allowed you to make big money.

In this adventure, the opportunity was as follows and I quote from Baron’s document Our Story (22 years of history) – Nov. 1994 to July/2016 “in exchange for creating 2 sales of precious gemstones, using the time leverage system, distributers at the top of the board (captains) collected $9,600 in cash and paid the company $2,600. This left $7,000 cash in the distributers pocket. Products were offered at 34% to 36% of the retail price, depending on shipping and taxes.”

I joined the business but to make it work the people ahead of you needed to keep moving forward. Unfortunately, I was following someone who finally left the company and, I was well you know the old saying up “----” creek without a paddle and no money to join another board.

Yes, poor me, but a lot of the problem why I was not successful in Previous Company #1 was that I didn’t obey the rules. First rule “say nothing, say nothing, what part of say nothing do you not understand?” Of course, being a woman, I found it impossible to say nothing about the company. Since that time, I have learned by trying to explain the business left people skeptical and not wanting to get involved, as I learned later on, if I said nothing and brought people to the presentation, they would likely join.

The company grew very large, very fast. The problem that I encountered was just one of the many that Previous Company #1 encountered. After a little more than two years, Baron was forced to close the company due to fraud by some rogue Distributors.

Did Baron stop here? Of course not. This man could not sit still if his life depended on it! He is very hyper and so motivated that I am exhausted just watching him.

In a little over 5 months of the first Previous Company #1 shutting down then the secondary Previous Company #2 launched on June 17th 2006. The Second Previous Company grew quickly but after only 9 months the company started to experience a slow down. At this time Baron introduced a new product called the Ultralife Club, which was similar to Time Share, only much much better.

I remember when I decided to try again with this company I was given a brief case filled with all kinds of goodies that you might need if you were going on a vacation. A product worth every cent.

During this time, I attended training meetings and learned about the company’s potential. I also was taught how to encourage others to get involved. I also partnered up with an experienced gentleman and together we organized a presentation meeting in Sarnia Ontario. Baron and his team were there as well as distributers from the USA and Canada. Over 200 people were in attendance to meet Baron and listen to his presentation. He introduced us to products like gem – cache and the Ultra Life Club. Gem – Cache was just like it sounds, precious gems like e`meralds, rubies and sapphires. The gems were special packaged and had the appraised value on the package. Steven A Knight, The Jewellery Judge, put his name and reputation on the value of these packages.

I also remember a meeting in Watford Ontario. Baron and his team were running a little late, but when they arrived it was awesome! A huge travel trailer bus pulled into the parking lot and out jumps Baron as full of life as ever.

Again, we had a huge crowd of over 100 people and many joined the company that day.

After the business was finished Baron invited some of us to enjoy some refreshments and a fun time.

There I saw a different Baron. Off came the suit jacket, off came the tie----buy this time was taking notice, what next……. Well nothing else came off, but on went the music and karaoke began.

Personally, I think Baron is very fortunate to be able to articulate much better than he sings – he is definitely able to make more money talking than he would if he were singing for a living.

I completed my first board and made money! I have gem-cache which today would be evaluated at approximately $60,000. I am waiting to match more emeralds and diamonds in order to make my earrings.

Meetings continued and money was made, but in 2008 things went terribly wrong. Not only did the September 30th Wall Street crash have an effect on the business, Baron’s cousin was involved in a fatal car crash. Although Baron was not involved in the actual crash, he was implicated in the aftermath of it. (go to the “Baron A Neil website to read more about the accident)

The business continued for a couple of years after these events, and then the business was put on hold while the courts were dealt with but after 5 years of no activity, there was no way of bringing B.I.M. back to life.


Instead of giving up he used this time to re- vamp the whole system. His dedication and new vision has brought about the company HRI (Home Run International), which will soon be launching.

The cost of each sale is just $600, and the pay out is $1,500!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S TRUE!!!!!

The products are awesome as we still have our gem- cache and car vitamins and many more being added.

You will read and hear both good and bad things about Baron A Neil. I encourage you to dig deeper and really find out about him. I can assure that the good far outweighs the bad, after all he is human, or I should say super human.

A man who quits a job where he is earning over $156,000 in 6 weeks because the product didn’t pass the granny test, must be honest and a gentleman with a conscience. This honesty is incorporated into everything he does and especially HRI.

I am excited about this newest online network marketing company, HRI, and cannot wait until we get started.

For more information email me at sheila9z8@hotmail.com, text or phone 519 719 5378, add me to your Facebook messenger. You can also go to Baron's website. Like I said at the beginning “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S TRUE”.