The Guarantee Factors

When considering an opportunity, it’s important to know that no matter what happens, you will make money. This is especially true when looking at something unfamiliar or something you don’t quite understand. HRI offers 2 Guarantee Factors that ensure your success even if you are completely new to the industry.

When purchasing a product, we always want to know we got value for our money and that we paid the lowest possible price for the highest value. In addition, when stepping into a new field to try and make money, you want to be able to have a feeling of certainty that you will succeed. You want to know that you’ll make some kind of profit, prior to taking the leap into what is, for you, the unknown.

As you can confirm, the following provides the security needed to reassure even the most discerning mind.

Factor Number 1: The Grandma Test

The question that comes to mind for most people is, “What’s the product?” Well, truth be known, it doesn’t really matter what the product is! Let me explain:

HRI has a rule; “All products must pass the Grandma Test.”

What is meant by that is you can take any of our products, sell it to your Grandma at full price and walk away knowing you’ve done her a favor! At the same time, your Grandma is thinking, “Wow, my grandchild is the greatest. I get this awesome product and save money.” Now, deep down inside, you know you can sell it to anyone. That’s the Grandma Test.

So, it really doesn’t matter what the product is, does it? What really matters is your customers get value for their money! With that in mind, you could, in good conscience, easily sell them to anyone, right?

Assuming you had a few opportunities to choose from, only those with products that pass the Grandma Test should be considered.

The typical opportunity available today overprices its products to create additional commissions, and thus, the bulk of Distributors are not able to sell them because a similar product is available at a retail level for less.

Industry Statistic:“The percentage of Distributors who have ever marked up product from the wholesale price and actually made a customer sale is a fraction of 1%.” Justin Serra, General Manager at Modere

All HRI products can be compared to retail, and you’ll find our customers pay, in some cases, a lot less! Meaning, you can actually create a retail sale from which you make a profit! The customer wins, you win, simple!

The bottom line is it’s not so much about what product you’re promoting, it could be cars, real estate, insurance, clothing, or whatever. It’s more about answering these two questions: Number 1 - “Does the product pass the Grandma Test?” and if so, Number 2; “How much can I make for my efforts?

At the end of the day, the best opportunity is the one where all the products pass the Grandma Test and then, of course, you’ll choose the one that pays the most. That makes sense to you, right? Right! At HRI, all of our products pass the Grandma Test and in fact, we pay considerably more than other opportunities. With HRI, you’re going to make A LOT MORE MONEY for the same amount of time and effort.

Conclusion: The Grandma Test confirms you get value for your money!

Factor Number 2: Top Producers Placed Underneath Weak Distributors

This is the easiest sales program that exists today. Yet, HomeRun International has taken it above and beyond by positioning our Top Producers underneath our weakest Distributors! With our unbelievable system, HRI protects weak Distributors, especially the inexperienced, new Distributor, by automatically placing Top Producers on their Sales Team to assist them and force them, even if they have only one sale, to earn the massive money that this incredible Time Leverage System offers. These Top Producers are experienced and are keen to help as they are uniquely financially rewarded in a big way to ensure the weak Distributors earn big money for every sale they create! Now, we have a system for literally anyone and everyone to achieve success!!!

Conclusion:Top Producers are placed on your Sales Team as needed, so you get full commissions on all sales done, no matter what!