HRI Territories

Territories are one-of-a-kind exclusives and are available on a first come, first served basis.

All Distributors, at one point or another, have dreamt of what it would be like to have a huge downline like that of a top Distributor! Can you imagine getting paid when some of the top Distributors’ Downlines create sales or buy products? Better yet, how would you like to earn money from many Distributors even though they are not in your Downline? How cool would that be?

This is not available to you from any other company, period!

The Reverse Franchise

Territories are a way for a Distributor to participate in the earnings of HRI and for other Distributors to benefit from the experience and effort of the Distributor as they become a product expert. This is unique in the world of Network Marketing! In fact, the person who owns the Territory earns on ALL sales within that Territory, regardless of whose Downline made the sales!

Without any of the normal business expenses, you still collect a percentage on all sales of product in your Territory. Unlike a Franchise where you have to pay the Company on all sales every month, the HRI Reverse Franchise pays YOU on all sales every month!

HRI offers Territories worldwide by dividing a country’s population into “Areas”. Example: Canada = 80,000 per Area, Philippines = 250,000 per Area. The number of people per Area is different from country to country since people living in different countries have different standards of living and disposable income. The idea is to provide a similar number of potential sales per Territory, and therefore, provide similar income potential regardless of which Territory is chosen.


  • Canada, with a population of 36 million and area populations calculated at 80,000+ per, results in approximately 380 Territories.
  • Philippines, with a population of 102 million and area populations calculated at 250,000+ per, results in approximately 330 Territories.

In theory, whether you own a Territory in Canada or in the Philippines or anywhere else, you should have the ability to earn on similar sales revenue.

Territory Manager

The Territory Manager must be an Active Distributor. They support sales and help to create additional sales within their Territory. This includes a hands-on approach with ongoing support of existing Wholesale Purchasers as well as providing assistance in the development and the creation of new sales. Support also includes promotion of the products and opportunity at any of the “Stadiums” (regular meeting locations) within their Territory.


  • Earnings from HRI products: The commission on each product sale is 3% of the total price paid (price includes shipping and taxes). This is paid on Minor and Major League sales, as well as product upgrades and the minimum $120 of wholesale Business Volume.


$18 on a $600 Minor League sale

$120 on a $4,000 Major League sale

  • Ongoing Earnings from Product Territory Products sold within your HRI Territory: The HRI Territory Manager receives a 0.5% override on the wholesale direct price paid to the Inventor.

Territory Purchase Price

Each Territory costs $4,000. The Distributor purchasing the Territory becomes the Territory Manager. The Territory Manager has exclusive residual rights. Once purchased, no other Distributor can obtain that Territory and or its benefits without purchasing it from the Territory Manager. (Points generated from each Territory = 12)

Free Position on a Major League Sales Team

In addition to revenue generated monthly by their Territory, a Territory Manager gets a free position on the Major League Board with the benefit of earning $10,000 per sale (Baseball Card) that he/she creates.

Territory Profit – Streams of Income Examples

Income Stream 1: You receive commission on all sales within your Territory

Income Stream 2: You receive a free position on a Major League Sales Team. Each position on a Major League Sales Team has a guaranteed protection period (200 hours) for you to create two sales and earn a total of $20,000! Additionally, there is the possibility of earning way, way, way more money by creating extra sales (you’re paid $10,000 each) and getting on the Leader Board!

Territory Administration Fee (TAF)

This covers the administration and can be paid for with the first few sales in that Territory each month; this helps ensure that Territory Managers are actively assisting to create success. If managing a Territory is not working for them, they can sell the Territory (at a profit) to a more active Distributor interested in aggressively promoting that Territory.

The Territory Administration Fee is $180 per month, which can be covered by as little as 10 Minor League sales! Additionally, HRI waves/reduces the monthly fee for new Territory openings bought direct from HRI and within the first 6 months of operation:

Time period

Monthly Fee

# Minor League Sales needed

# of Major League Sales needed

Month 1 – 2


0 sales per month

0 sales

Month 3 – 4


4 sales per month

less than 1 sale

Month 5 – 6


7 sales per month

about 1 sale

Month 7+


10 sales per month

less than 2 sales

TAFs are due by the last day of the revenue-generating month. If a Territory Manager does not pay for a second consecutive month, the Territory will revert to HRI.

Profit Example – One Territory

Summary: Yearly Income: $12,240       One-time Income: $20,000

Ongoing: One Territory – Income Stream 1

Let’s say your Territory has 40 Minor League sales generated on average per month, plus 4 Major League sales.

 (40 Minor League sales x $18 = $720) plus (4 Major League sales x $120 = $480) for a total of $1,200 per month.

The monthly revenue of ($1,200 – TAF* $180 max.) = $1,020 x 12 months = $12,240 annual profit

40x $18 Minor League


4x $120 Major League





- $180

Net monthly




UpFront: One Territory – Income Stream 2

Create two sales and receive two Baseball Cards, each at a value of $10,000 for a total of $20,000.

2x Baseball Cards


*TAF is the Territory Administration Fee

With Territories, you earn a profit, year after year, without any of the usual business expenses.

Selling Option

The Territory Manager has the option to sell the Territory to any Distributor (regardless of Downline/Upline) that might be more able and motivated to create sales in that Territory. The admin cost to transfer the personally owned Territory is $500. Despite losing the revenue as a Territory Manager, the Territory Manager who sold the territory now becomes the Territory Promoter and gets an override of 20% of what the new Territory Manager gets (this on top of what the Territory Manager gets), which may be even more than what they made previously if the new Territory Manager is successful in encouraging many more sales.

Territory Promoter

The Territory Promoter is responsible to assist the Territory Manager in developing the sales within their Product Territory.

If the Territory is bought directly from the company, then the Buyer’s Sponsor becomes the Territory promoter. The Territory Promoter earns a 20% override on the Territory Manager’s monthly revenue (Income Stream 1 only) from that Territory; the override is paid in addition to what the Territory Manager earns.

The Sponsor of a Distributor who purchases a Territory direct from HRI receives 20% of the Territory Manager’s regular Territory earnings. This is in addition to what the Territory Manager receives, not a deduction from the Territory Manager’s earnings.

This is paid monthly on their “Check #9”:

Every Minor League sale

$600  =  $3.60

Every Major League sale

$4,000  =  $24.00

Example of Yearly Overrides:

    • If the Territory Manager earns $12,240 for the year, then the Territory Promoter earns $2,448.
    • If a Territory Promoter has 3 Territory Managers, who earn $12,240, $10,200 and $23,100 respectively, then the Territory Promoter earns ($12,240 + $9,800 + $23,400) x 20% = $9,108

Inventor Packs

To Bring New Products/Inventions to the Marketplace

HRI has created an innovative approach to introducing inventions and products from around the world to the marketplace. This approach adds a whole new dimension with respect to how a Network Marketing business model works. It will create a unique advantage for all of the HRI Distributors, Inventors and Sales Directors long-term.

While there are advantages to being an HRI Distributor, Inventors and Sales Directors do not have to be HRI Distributors.

Introducing the New Concept

In general, Inventors don’t understand marketing while Distributors and sales people are not Inventors. HRI is connecting the two in a very cost effective way. HRI will use its proprietary Territory-making software to create Product Territories (Exclusive Rights) for Inventors. The software divides a country into Territories by population and is flexible in size, being tailor-made to the requirements of the Inventor.

Inventor Packs are sold exclusively through HRI Distributors. Inventors buy a custom-made package of 40 Territories, which provides the Exclusive Rights for the Inventor’s “Widget.” HRI then lists the Inventor’s “Widget” in detail along with the 40 Territories, which become available for purchase on the HRI Retail Site and the Distributors’ personal wholesale sites. Distributors or Sales People who buy these Product Territories will become the Sales Director for that Territory.

The Inventor supplies information such as product details, cost breakdown, package quantities available and shipping costs etc., along with whatever sales guidance they want to provide to the Product Territory buyer (Sales Director). Inventors can gain up to 40 dedicated Sales Directors for their invention per Inventor Pack.

Note: This system can be adapted for literally any type or price of product.

Background for Understanding this Concept

The following is a quick analysis of the cost of purchasing a Franchise.

Brand-name: Franchises are expensive; McDonalds at $1 to $2.2 million or more, Tim Hortons for $257,000 to $930,000 just for a Kiosk, $116,000 to $260,000 for Subway, etc.

Then there are the smaller ones that are relatively inexpensive like Molly Maid, Jani-King, Rotor Rooter, Bloomin Blinds, Pets Warehouse, ServiceMASTER etc., all of which range in cost between $15,000 and $75,000.

It’s a Win, Win, Win!

1) The Inventor now has 40 Territories, which means the Inventor will end up with 40 dedicated Sales Directors. 2) Sales people (no need to be a member of HRI) buy these Territories so they can own the “Exclusive Rights” for that “Widget” in one of the Product Territories made available (likely their own back yard) for a lot less than even the cost of one of the inexpensive franchises. 3) HRI and its Distributors get to offer the latest greatest products to its customers.

Unique Marketing System

Our unique marketing system already produces lightning speed growth. Now with the “latest greatest” products, the growth will be even more exciting! Distributors will constantly be introducing the “latest greatest” products for our company and themselves to sell. Unlike things like the microwave, which has been around for decades, these products, new to the market, need an explanation.

Territory-Building Software

HRI’s Territory-building software can take a Country and divide it into as little or as many parts as necessary by way of street addresses. Depending on the product and price points, different sized Territories can be created. Once an Inventor buys access to our Territory software (Inventor Pack), HRI makes 40 Product Territories for their “Widget.” Of course, Inventors will want more Inventor Packs for the purpose of expanding their reach by having more Sales Directors or for introducing other inventions. Obviously, Inventors will buy the $4,000 software, the Inventor Pack, over and over again, as each time they receive another 40 customized Product Territories designed specifically for their “Widget.”

Example 1 - A Game Called “Joker’s Den”

Baron has invented a game called “Joker’s Den”. One of our HRI Distributors, Oliver, approaches Baron to tell him there is this very fast-growing marketing company where you can make $10,000 to $40,000 USD a month, starting his first month. When Oliver finds out that Baron has invented a game, he introduces the HRI “Invention Marketing System” that can launch and expand the sales of new products, utilizing its thousands of Distributors from all over the world. How cool would it be to have your Joker’s Den game distributed in many places by way of committed sales people in a relatively short period of time? Of course, Baron is very interested in making $10,000 to $40,000 a month, but even better, he’s very interested in having a Worldwide Distribution company selling his baby, the Joker’s Den. It’s a dream come true!

HRI uses its proprietary system and sales people to sell the Joker’s Den in those Product Territories for Baron, thus gaining him up to 40 dedicated Sales Directors. These Product Territories are of such value to a Sales Director that they will not hesitate to spend the $4,000 to acquire such a Product Territory. When a Distributor sells to a non-Distributor, the Distributor obtains a free Entry on a Major League Board for themselves (as per the HRI Compensation Plan).

Baron decides to purchase an Inventor Pack and choses to become an HRI Distributor at the same time, thus he receives the free Entry on a Major League Sales Team. Oliver receives the Baseball Card that will pay him a whooping commission of $10,000!

As part of a Major League Sales Team, Baron can create sales and earn this kind of money as well. Baron now has Product Territories built; one of which is the entire country of Bermuda, which an HRI Distributor sells to Harley for the Product Territory price of $4,000. Harley now buys the Joker’s Den directly from Baron and sells to retailers in his Product Territory. In fact, if a major chain starts selling the Joker’s Den and since he has the Exclusive Rights for his Territory, he receives a managing commission of 2%. Any major chain deal would be considered a great bonus for Harley.

Example 2 - A Game Called “Joker’s Den”

Another Distributor, Paul, has worked in the toy and game business for the past 20 years in Toronto. Paul has lots of contacts in the industry, so he is quick to buy a Product Territory, gaining the Exclusive Rights for Joker’s Den. Paul informs his contacts that he has obtained the Exclusive Rights to Mississauga for this product.

Within a short period of time, one of the Bar owners he’s been talking to gets excited and buys a game for each of his 17 locations in and around the region. The Bar Owner then says he knows lots of other Bar Owners and asks if there are any other Exclusive Rights (Product Territories) still available? Paul gets him to buy the Joker’s Den North York Product Territory, for which Paul makes $10,000 (from his Major League Baseball Card) through the HRI Time Leverage System.

Paul realizes he can make so much more money just promoting the Product Territories. He now goes on to sell many more, ultimately helping the Inventor of the Joker’s Den game, Baron. This spreads the word and increase sales, which gains Baron more Sales Directors.

Inventor Pack – The Game Changer

HRI and its Inventor Pack provides a game changer for Inventors who want to get their product out there for very little money and at a speed way beyond what is available today! While always dealing with the “latest greatest” products invented, HRI has an advantage the likes of which the MLM world has never seen.

HRI connects the Inventor with excited sales people who want to get the Exclusive Rights to the Inventor’s “Widget” and sell it in their chosen Product Territory. In addition, HRI promotes the “Widget” to all of our internationally located members/sales people. Promoting the uniqueness, the value and the availability of the “Widget” is accomplished by listing it (in complete detail) on HRI’s Retail Site as well as members’ personal sites. HRI promotes the marketing and selling of both the “Inventor Packs” and the “Product Territories” (40 Exclusive Rights Territories) resulting from each “Inventor Pack”. Product sales are not guaranteed in any Product Territory. However, there is a minimum sales requirement to cover a monthly administration fee.

All shipping, delivery and warehousing of products are handled directly between the Inventor and Sales Director (Product Territory Purchaser). HRI connects the Inventor with motivated sales people from around the world, who have a desire to sell the Inventor’s “Widget.”

A Distributor’s Perfect Product

Since both the Inventor Pack “product” and the Product Territories “product” are software based, there is no shipping, borders, stocking or warehousing to worry about. This means the Distributor gains many advantages, including being paid immediately unlike the normal 7-day plus commission hold placed on physical wholesale products or the 30-day commission hold placed on physical retail product sales.

In addition to the very large commission available on the Major League Board, the Distributor selling a Product Territory also receives an ongoing override of 0.5% on all sales within the Territory for as long as the purchaser of the Product Territory owns the Territory.

Payment Solution

HRI provides a payment solution that secures any payment from product orders before the order is shipped to the Sales Director. This means the Inventor doesn’t ship until the Sales Director places the money into the platform account where it’s locked in until the product arrives. The Sales Director signs off that they received the order and only then does the Inventor receive the money.

HRI Territory Value Increase

With the new potentially endless list of Inventor Packs and resulting Product Territories, the value of each of our HRI Territories will go up as the HRI Territory Manager receives an override on more and more products.

This happens regardless of the number of Distributors joining in that Territory.

Product Territories

Product Territories

HRI has created an innovative approach to introducing inventions and products from around the world to the marketplace. An Inventor can purchase an Inventory Pack, thereby creating 40 Product Territories with HRI using its international marketing reach to offer these Product Territories to interested entrepreneurs or what we call Sales Directors.

Sales Directors

By purchasing a Product Territory, you become a Sales Director and benefit from having the exclusive rights to the “latest greatest” product in your chosen Territory.

With these Exclusive Rights, you now can approach all the relevant locations, retail stores and/or wholesalers in your area and get them to carry the product, knowing that if anyone decides to purchase and carry your product, you will receive the appropriate payment.

In addition, the Inventor could land a deal with a large chain that has stores within your Product Territory and subsequently, you will still receive a 2% override on the related sales (calculated at the wholesale price).

Note: A Sales Director can become Product Territory owner without being HRI Distributor.

The Inventor supplies information such as product details, cost breakdown, package quantities available and shipping costs etc., along with whatever sales guidance they want to provide to the Product Territory buyer (Sales Director). Inventors can gain up to 40 dedicated Sales Directors for their invention per Inventor Pack.

Product Territories

Product Territories provide the Exclusive Rights to an Inventor’s “Widget” within a specified Territory. These Product Territories are available for purchase on the HRI Retail Site and Distributors’ personal wholesale sites. Distributors or Sales People who buy these Product Territories become the Sales Director for that Territory.

The Inventor decides on the population per Territory and supplies information such as product details, cost breakdown, package quantities available and shipping costs etc., along with sales guidance.


The Sales Director earns from two payment streams:

  1. An override of 2% on all sales made within his/her Product Territory. If a deal is made with a chain of stores and the product is shipped into the Territory to which the Sales Director has exclusive rights, then the Sales Director receives an override. In fact, the Sales Director gets the override on all product sales, including their own, within that Territory.
  2. All sales created by the Sales Director with the earnings being the difference between the direct wholesale price charged by the Inventor and the price that the Sales Director charges to his/her customers. The Sales Director may also sell direct to Customers at retail.

Example: The Inventor charges the “direct wholesale price” of $100 for their “widget.” This would be the cost to the Sales Director. The Sales Director then makes sales in his/her Product Territory at perhaps $120 to another wholesaler, $150 to a Retailer and/or $300 direct to a retail Customer.

Payments System

Sales Directors purchase directly from the Inventor, and the Inventor ships directly to each Sales Director.

Payment is made through an escrow account provided by HRI, safeguarding both the Inventor and the Sales Director.

It is the Sales Director’s responsibility to create demand for the “Widget” and make sales to retailers and customers within his/her Product Territory.

Example 1: Profit and Overrides

Alan has invented a game called Joker’s Den and buys the Inventor Pack from HRI. HRI then creates 40 Product Territories and lists them for sale on its website. Harley buys a Product Territory from his friend Frank, an HRI Distributor.

Harley now buys the Joker’s Den games directly from Alan at the direct wholesale price of $30, which is set by Alan. Harley sells it for $50 to retailers in his Product Territory with a suggested retail price of $100, earning $20 on each sale. Harley also sells directly to the end consumer through a mall kiosk, special events etc., earning the full $70 on each sale at the retail price.

Harley can also bring on other wholesalers, making a smaller profit on larger quantities.

If the Inventor negotiates with a chain of stores, some of which are located in Harley’s Territory, Harley gets paid. Since Harley gets paid an override of 2% on all sales of the Joker’s Den within his Territory, including any sales at those stores, Harley is happy to act as the Inventor’s representative and assist if required. Any major chain deal would be considered a great bonus for Harley.