HRI Territories

Territories are one-of-a-kind exclusives and are available on a first come, first served basis.

All Distributors, at one point or another, have dreamt of what it would be like to have a huge downline like that of a top Distributor! Can you imagine getting paid when some of the top Distributors’ Downlines create sales or buy products? Better yet, how would you like to earn money from many Distributors even though they are not in your Downline? How cool would that be?

This is not available to you from any other company, period!

The Reverse Franchise

Territories are a way for a Distributor to participate in the earnings of HRI and for other Distributors to benefit from the experience and effort of the Distributor as they become a product expert. This is unique in the world of Network Marketing! In fact, the person who owns the Territory earns on ALL sales within that Territory, regardless of whose Downline made the sales!

Without any of the normal business expenses, you still collect a percentage on all sales of product in your Territory. Unlike a Franchise where you have to pay the Company on all sales every month, the HRI Reverse Franchise pays YOU on all sales every month!

HRI offers Territories worldwide by dividing a country’s population into “Areas”. Example: Canada = 80,000 per Area, Philippines = 250,000 per Area. The number of people per Area is different from country to country since people living in different countries have different standards of living and disposable income. The idea is to provide a similar number of potential sales per Territory, and therefore, provide similar income potential regardless of which Territory is chosen.


  • Canada, with a population of 36 million and area populations calculated at 80,000+ per, results in approximately 380 Territories.
  • Philippines, with a population of 102 million and area populations calculated at 250,000+ per, results in approximately 330 Territories.

In theory, whether you own a Territory in Canada or in the Philippines or anywhere else, you should have the ability to earn on similar sales revenue.

Territory Manager

The Territory Manager must be an Active Distributor. They support sales and help to create additional sales within their Territory. This includes a hands-on approach with ongoing support of existing Wholesale Purchasers as well as providing assistance in the development and the creation of new sales. Support also includes promotion of the products and opportunity at any of the “Stadiums” (regular meeting locations) within their Territory.


  • Earnings from HRI products: The commission on each product sale is 3% of the total price paid (price includes shipping and taxes). This is paid on Minor and Major League sales, as well as product upgrades and the minimum $120 of wholesale Business Volume.


$18 on a $600 Minor League sale

$120 on a $4,000 Major League sale

  • Ongoing Earnings from Product Territory Products sold within your HRI Territory: The HRI Territory Manager receives a 0.5% override on the wholesale direct price paid to the Inventor.

Territory Purchase Price

Each Territory costs $4,000. The Distributor purchasing the Territory becomes the Territory Manager. The Territory Manager has exclusive residual rights. Once purchased, no other Distributor can obtain that Territory and or its benefits without purchasing it from the Territory Manager. (Points generated from each Territory = 12)

Free Position on a Major League Sales Team

In addition to revenue generated monthly by their Territory, a Territory Manager gets a free position on the Major League Board with the benefit of earning $10,000 per sale (Baseball Card) that he/she creates.

Territory Profit – Streams of Income Examples

Income Stream 1: You receive commission on all sales within your Territory

Income Stream 2: You receive a free position on a Major League Sales Team. Each position on a Major League Sales Team has a guaranteed protection period (200 hours) for you to create two sales and earn a total of $20,000! Additionally, there is the possibility of earning way, way, way more money by creating extra sales (you’re paid $10,000 each) and getting on the Leader Board!

Territory Administration Fee (TAF)

This covers the administration and can be paid for with the first few sales in that Territory each month; this helps ensure that Territory Managers are actively assisting to create success. If managing a Territory is not working for them, they can sell the Territory (at a profit) to a more active Distributor interested in aggressively promoting that Territory.

The Territory Administration Fee is $180 per month, which can be covered by as little as 10 Minor League sales! Additionally, HRI waves/reduces the monthly fee for new Territory openings bought direct from HRI and within the first 6 months of operation:

Time period

Monthly Fee

# Minor League Sales needed

# of Major League Sales needed

Month 1 – 2


0 sales per month

0 sales

Month 3 – 4


4 sales per month

less than 1 sale

Month 5 – 6


7 sales per month

about 1 sale

Month 7+


10 sales per month

less than 2 sales

TAFs are due by the last day of the revenue-generating month. If a Territory Manager does not pay for a second consecutive month, the Territory will revert to HRI.

Profit Example – One Territory

Summary: Yearly Income: $12,240       One-time Income: $20,000

Ongoing: One Territory – Income Stream 1

Let’s say your Territory has 40 Minor League sales generated on average per month, plus 4 Major League sales.

 (40 Minor League sales x $18 = $720) plus (4 Major League sales x $120 = $480) for a total of $1,200 per month.

The monthly revenue of ($1,200 – TAF* $180 max.) = $1,020 x 12 months = $12,240 annual profit

40x $18 Minor League


4x $120 Major League





- $180

Net monthly




UpFront: One Territory – Income Stream 2

Create two sales and receive two Baseball Cards, each at a value of $10,000 for a total of $20,000.

2x Baseball Cards


*TAF is the Territory Administration Fee

With Territories, you earn a profit, year after year, without any of the usual business expenses.

Selling Option

The Territory Manager has the option to sell the Territory to any Distributor (regardless of Downline/Upline) that might be more able and motivated to create sales in that Territory. The admin cost to transfer the personally owned Territory is $500. Despite losing the revenue as a Territory Manager, the Territory Manager who sold the territory now becomes the Territory Promoter and gets an override of 20% of what the new Territory Manager gets (this on top of what the Territory Manager gets), which may be even more than what they made previously if the new Territory Manager is successful in encouraging many more sales.

Territory Promoter

The Territory Promoter is responsible to assist the Territory Manager in developing the sales within their Product Territory.

If the Territory is bought directly from the company, then the Buyer’s Sponsor becomes the Territory promoter. The Territory Promoter earns a 20% override on the Territory Manager’s monthly revenue (Income Stream 1 only) from that Territory; the override is paid in addition to what the Territory Manager earns.

The Sponsor of a Distributor who purchases a Territory direct from HRI receives 20% of the Territory Manager’s regular Territory earnings. This is in addition to what the Territory Manager receives, not a deduction from the Territory Manager’s earnings.

This is paid monthly on their “Check #9”:

Every Minor League sale

$600  =  $3.60

Every Major League sale

$4,000  =  $24.00

Example of Yearly Overrides:

    • If the Territory Manager earns $12,240 for the year, then the Territory Promoter earns $2,448.
    • If a Territory Promoter has 3 Territory Managers, who earn $12,240, $10,200 and $23,100 respectively, then the Territory Promoter earns ($12,240 + $9,800 + $23,400) x 20% = $9,108

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