Grandma Test

“When purchasing a product, you want to know you paid the lowest possible price for the highest value.”

– HRI Management

HRI has a rule; “ All products must pass the Grandma Test.”

What is meant by that is we all want to know that our Grandma, when buying a product with “HRI preferred pricing”, will get great value so that she is totally satisfied! We want Grandma to think, “Wow, I get this awesome product and save money.”

Now deep down inside, you know you have done your Grandma a favour. That’s the Grandma Test.

With the advent of new distribution methods, online marketing and other advances in technology, products can be offered at less than what they cost at a traditional retail outlet. HRI passes those savings on to our customers.

All HRI products can be compared to retail, and you’ll find our customers pay less; in some cases, a lot less! What really matters to us is that you, our customer, get value for your money!

Conclusion: The Grandma Test ensures that with HRI, you get value for money!