The Industry's Most Generous Compensation Plan!

Compensation Plans sound good, but what do they really mean? Usually, it is an attempt to lure a person to sacrifice 3 to 5 years building sales for a company, and then the person finds out that it is not as lucrative as the company claimed.

The question really is,

“How long before I can fire my boss and support my family with this opportunity as my sole income?”

1. Industry’s Top Distributor
Networking companies boast of how much their top leaders are earning, and it certainly seems exciting at first glance. Let’s take a look at a top leader in the industry: Dexter & Birdie Yager have the largest Downline in the industry with an estimated income of $15,600,000 (2015).
However, according to Dexter himself, two-thirds of his income comes from selling tools and marketing materials:

So, let’s subtract that amount since the average Distributor can’t duplicate it. That leaves $5,200,000. Given that Dexter Yager has a Downline of around 4,000,000 (2015), that means he earns $1.30 per person per year in his downline (after 54 years). How does that compare to the opportunities you are considering?

2. Do Some Due Diligence

If you are going to spend 3-5 years building your business within a company, you owe it to yourself to do some due diligence to ensure you are focusing on an opportunity that will best reward you for your hard work, time and effort. Before you put your heart & soul into an opportunity, consider these questions to see how it would measure up in your first 30 to 180 days in the business:

  • Are Distributors actually able to earn Retail Profit? According to one top corporate executive, less than 1% of all Distributors industry-wide are able to mark-up the product even a little to make a retail sale; yet, most companies claim that you can sell at their so-called “suggested” retail price.
  • What are the company’s projected income figures for a new Distributor in their first month? What is the UpFront Money? How does that compare to your current income?
  • Once you’re a few months in, what kind of Residual would you expect to make? Is it really adding up to anything substantial?

3. Unusual UpFront Earnings result in Massive LongTerm Money
HRI is unique within the industry as it offers Retail Profit, UpFront money, and MidTerm money, plus the usual earnings offered by networking companies, the LongTerm money called Residual Income. These incomes combined ensure that you can live off your HRI earnings from the first month onwards, even as your personal sponsoring slows down over the following year. Believe it or not, when you earn thousands in your first month, all the people you know will soon want to join. They will add to the exploding number of people in your fast growing business or group (downline), and you get paid on all their sales each month!

The following are HomeRun International’s (HRI) answers to those crucial questions:

4. Retail Profit

Most companies add a “secret” component to an ordinary product so they can claim the product is worth much more than what you can buy it for at a retail store. Not HRI. Your friend can buy from the retail store at $2,500 or they can buy the same product from your HRI online store at $1,875. Leave the decision up to them. And of course, your Wholesale price as an HRI Distributor is $900, leaving you with a realistic $975 in your pocket!

5. UpFront Money

You become a member of a Sales Team from the 1st sale you make. You then create two sales, for example, by inviting friends who in turn buy products. Your Team members also create sales and at Home Plate, you earn $3,000. It can take less than a month, and some even do it in less than a week!
Your FIRST paycheck from HRI can be for thousands of dollars!
65,000 people have used an old version of what we today call HRI’s “Information Tunnel” to duplicate themselves and quickly grow their group, as the opportunity is based on real product value, thus producing massive money real fast.

6. A Few Months In

Companies will tell you that to be successful, you need to focus on one business, and rightly so. However, how do you tell which one is going to be worth your time and effort?
Our past successes resulted in people earning up to $50,000 in their first month (UpFront Money) unprecedented in the industry. The excitement drove sales to $34,000,000 in our first year in just one country alone. That was clearly an amazing achievement for any company in any industry. However, now in addition to taking it worldwide and online, we have improved on that opportunity by adding the following:

7. MidTerm Money

Creating an extra sale, in addition to the two sales that you are responsible for as part of the Sales Team, can earn you an extra $50,000! Better than that, more sales earn you more money; with seven sales, you can actually earn an extra $250,000! This is paid over a period of months and is intended to boost your monthly pay regardless of the number of personal sales that generated your UpFront money. Remember that is just the Minor Leagues!
In the Major Leagues for one extra sale, it’s an extra $200,000 and with seven sales, you can earn an extra $1,000,000.

8. LongTerm Money

In addition to the Retail Profit, UpFront Money and MidTerm Money, HRI offers unparalleled LongTerm Money. In fact, there are three Residuals.
This is “sleeping money” money you earn for encouraging and supervising your Downline to help them succeed.

5x7 Matrix (Group Volume Profit Stream): This means you are paid on the 5 people on your 1st Level, the 25 people on your 2nd Level, the 125 people on your 3rd Level, etc. down to 78,125 on your 7th Level.

Matching Bonus (Direct Distributors Profit Stream): This means you are paid on the money earned by your personally sponsored people and their personally sponsored people, going five Generations deep.

Club TEN (Team Building Profit Stream): This is the Top Earner’s Network where you get 10 active Distributors, who then get 10 active Distributors. As Distributors in your Direct Distributor legs climb the ranks, so do you, and you can earn on every paycheck made by everyone in your entire Direct Distributor Group!

9. Residual Calculator

HRI has created a Residual Calculator that you can test for yourself. On average, a person with 500 Distributors in their group (Downline) earns $5,000 – or $10 per Distributor per month! Match that against any opportunity out there, it’s just not available! Remember, that’s just one of our streams of income, the LongTerm Money/Residual. We invite you to join us with your “eyes wide open”! HRI is transparent as you can view the entire Compensation Plan, Terms & Conditions and Polices & Procedures before you make the decision to join.