Every person gets into Network Marketing knowing they need to make sales and invite people to join.

While results vary depending on the person and the opportunity, the (generous) industry average is “Invite 10, 2 Join”, meaning you invite 10 prospects and 2 will join your opportunity.

From our previous experience, we know that HRI-type “UpFront Money” generate such excitement that if you invite 10 prospects, 6, 7 or even more will join!

So, if a person puts in exactly the same effort, time, sweat and tears into inviting 10 prospects, let’s look at the difference the opportunity makes:

Recruiting Traditional HomeRun International
Invite 10, 2 Join Invite 10, 5 Join
New People Total Group New People Total Group
You 2 5
Your friends 4 6 25 30
Your friends’
8 14 125 155
Your friends’
friends’ friends
16 30 625 780

Every company has product costs and overhead while trying to share as much as it can with the members. Let’s assume each opportunity pays you $1 per member:

Traditional HomeRun
$1 x 30 = $30 $1 x 780 = $780

However, we know that the Industry average earnings per member are approximately $1.50, and the HRI Commission calculator projects that HRI Distributors will be paid an average of $10 per member (based on a group of approximately 500).

If we use these numbers, here is what you EARN for the same EFFORT:

Traditional HomeRun International
$30 $780
Industry Average $1.50 HRI Average $10.00
$45 $7,800

As you can see, paying Distributors “Money This Month” for work done this month results in a much higher personal closing ratio, regardless of the person. As a result, your Downline literally grows exponentially faster. HRI has improved the already proven success system by adding a Residual and developing it to pay much higher amounts (per person, per month) than the typical Network Marketing Company. When combining the obviously faster growth with the new Residual…

The Result of Your Efforts Is Multiplied A Whopping 173 Times Greater!