Getting Started
1. When did HRI start?

We first started learning the Board System in 1994. Since 2003, we successfully used the system to create tens of millions of dollars for our Distributors.

2. What is different about HRI?

It’s a little difficult to put into words, however we have twice used an older version of the current system to create massive momentum. The most important component is the fast, upfront money. A close second would be that since 90% of people do not like sales, we don’t ask them to sell. Simply ask your friend if they would like to make $10,000 and then walk them through the website. Third, your friend will personalize the experience for themselves by choosing which videos to watch, what information to look at on the website and which product to buy. This has truly been built by a Distributor for everyone to make money.

3. What does the Registration Fee cover?

The Registration Fee of US$50 covers 5 months of the monthly US$12 Administration fee. The idea is that you will be earning long before you need to worry about paying the Administration fee.

4. What is a Minor League Purchase?

Make a sale: Purchase of a $600 product by either your customer from your retail website or by you from your member website, gives you a free Entry on a Minor League Board and makes you an “Active” member for the month.

5. What is a Major League Purchase?

Make a sale: Purchase of a $4,000 product by either your customer from your retail website or by you from your member website, gives you a free Entry on a Minor League Board and makes you an “Active” member for two months.

6. Can you Simplify it for Me?

Pay the Registration Fee and buy a Minor League product. When you reach 1st Base you “create” two sales, usually by having two friends join and buy product. They get a free position on your Board and you (your Entry at 1st Base) get a Baseball Card for each sale. Once you get to Home Plate, you are paid $1,500 for each Baseball Card for a total of $3,000.

7. How am I paid at Home Plate?

At Home Plate you get paid on your Green Card. Immediately every time a member at 1st Base creates a $600 sale, you receive $187.50. Once the Board is full (* sales were made), you received $1,500 and leave the Sales Team (your Entry at Home Plate).

8. Who is the Referrer, who is the Sponsor?

A Referrer brings a person to the website, where they get a temporary ID. The Referrer becomes the Sponsor when the person joins and becomes an HRI Wholesale Purchaser.

9. What is Temporary Registration?

The Temporary Registration allows a new person to learn complete details about HRI before joining as a Wholesale Purchaser. Registration by a person ties that person to their Referrer, meaning the Referrer becomes the Sponsor when they join.

10. What is the “Information Tunnel”?

A unique system created by HRI that introduces a new person to the business opportunity in an organized yet personalized-to-that person fashion. On completing the temporary registration, the person has full access from company history to products to Compensation Plan to Policies & Procedures to Explainer Videos.

11. What is Cash Back?

As a member of the Sales Team (you have an Entry on a Board), you get paid $1,500 for each $600 sale you create; the sales credit is added to your Entry (see Payment at Home Plate).

12. What are the main elements of the Compensation Plan?

HRI offers real retail profit, quick “Cash Back” (UpFront Money), unique rewards for extra sales (MidTerm Money), and on-going residual that is bigger and better (LongTerm Money).

13. How do I earn Retail Profit?

You send a customer to your online retail website. For example, let’s take a product that retails for $100. Your customer can buy it online for $75 and you paid $29.50, leaving you a retail profit of $45.50.

14. How do I earn UpFront Money?

You earn sales credits by making sales once you are a member of a Sales Team (on a Board). You are paid on those sales credits once the Entry with the Sales Credit reaches Home Plate. We estimate that this can take an average of approximately two to three weeks. Every $600 sales earns you $1,500, and every $4,000 sales earns you $10,000.

15. How do I receive MidTerm Money?

Making an extra sale at “At Bat” or 1st Base results in a Gold Card. That, along with your two Green Cards, gets you onto the Leaderboard, where you receive $50,000 to $250,000 in the Minor Leagues and $200,000 to $1,000,000 in the Major Leagues. The more extra sales, the more Cards, the higher level you can reach on the Leaderboard.

16. How do I receive LongTerm Money?

Share the HRI business opportunity. We have designed a system where most people will want to join, and very few people will want to leave. This compounds the number of people in your Group, meaning your HRI group will grow faster. Also HRI shares about 70% of revenue with its members, so you get paid more.

17. What is the Board (Matrix) System?

The Board is used to keep track of sales and pay at a later time (time leverage); it is more like an affiliate program than an MLM since only one person gets paid on a sale. There are eight empty positions on the lowest level. As they fill, the person at the highest level receives a percentage of each sale. Once the Board is full, the person at the top leaves and the Board splits into two new Boards, with everyone promoted one level.

18. Why does HRI use the Board System for “Cash Back”?

This system offers incredibly fast upfront money that other systems cannot match. HRI offers 3 main revenues which are designed so a member can earn $1,000’s in their first month, and every month thereafter, without the typical 3 to 5 year wait that other systems require.

19. What are the advantages of the Board (Matrix) System?

The Board System delays payment for a few weeks or so, however offers pay-out way before the usual residual program that requires 3 to 5 years to earn enough to quit your job.

20. What are the disadvantages of the Board (Matrix) System?

Every Compensation Plan has advantages and disadvantages. We have been involved with Board systems since 1994, and have perfected the system. No more overpriced products. No more slow or dead Boards!

Products: It has to be about product value; the product must be available to your customer at less than the usual retail price (and of course you buy it for even less). HRI will strat withup to 10 products and will continually add

AutoIF: You will lose your Group if you are not “active” by making a minimum $120 wholesale product purchase each month. Therefore you can choose to provide payment options to ensure you never miss a month. On the plus side, this means that you are paid on every member in your Group, every month.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is taken very seriously at HRI and promoted and taught to all Wholesale Purchasers.

Wholesale Purchasers

Assigning a Baseball Card: A Baseball Card is earned when a Wholesale Purchaser creates a sale. The kind of Card depends on the position on the Board of the Wholesale Purchaser at the time that the Card is generated (when the Entry is placed “At bat”). There is no Baseball Card generated while a sale is waiting in the Dug Out. Once that sale moves to an “At Bat” position, immediately a Baseball Card is generated.

Cash Back: A Member Customer or Wholesale Purchaser can get on a Sales Team, and make sales either by personal purchase or to Retail Customers. Each such sale will result in a Baseball Card for the Member Customer, and once at Home Plate. The Member Customer will receive Cash Back as others in the team make sales. A Member Customer can also earn Cash Back from the Leader Board, where they perform a supervisory function as experienced Sales Team members.

Commissions: A Distributor can participate in all the earnings and incentives available in the Compensation Plan. A Member Customer automatically becomes a Distributor when they sponsor another Member Customer.

MAKE a Sale: The Wholesale Purchaser whose ID is used to make the sale/place the order gets this credit.

CREATE a Sale: The Wholesale Purchaser gets the credit (Baseball Card) for the sale if a Direct Downline makes a sale and does not have a position to assign it to or if they themselves make a sale and have a position to assign it to:

  1. If the Wholesale Purchaser already has a position on a Board, then the Baseball Card will be assigned to that position.

  2. If the Wholesale Purchaser does not have a position on a Board, then the Baseball card will be assigned to their Sponsor’s position.

  3. If their Sponsor does not have a position

      • If the Sponsor has already been on a Board in the same League, then the Sponsor has 24 hours to get a position. If they do, then the card is assigned to the Sponsor.
      • If the Sponsor cannot get a position within 24 hours or the Sponsor has never been on a Board, then the Member Customer or Distributor is placed as an All-Star.

Placement Change: If a placement change is desired (for “At Bat” positions only), then the Sponsor can use the HRI ticket system to request a move to another (available) At Bat position. This must be done before the Board is full. There will be an admin charge of $25 per request.


Why do you need my name?

Your full name, as per government-issued ID, is required to ensure that you are able to cash your earnings.

Why do I need a nickname?

Nicknames offer a simple way for people to recognize you on the Boards and other company communication, yet offer privacy. Some people choose not to display their name publicly. If you do not choose a nickname, the computer will use your name to create a nickname.

What address do I use?

Ideally, use a place where you receive a utility bill in your name. Such proof of residence may be required by some of our service providers.

Can I Choose My Sponsor?

No. The person that introduced you to HRI and took you through the Information Tunnel, spent the time and effort to show you this amazing opportunity.

What Is the Registration Fee?

The Registration Fee is to cover the cost of placing you in the system, as well is covers the first 5 months of the monthly $12 Administration Fee. Should I Buy A Product At This Time?

There are 2 reasons why you should buy a product now:

  1. If you don’t have a product, how will you explain it to your Prospects? A product helps you understand the system, and gets you even more excited about the opportunity.
  2. Buying a product now qualifies you for the following month for residual pay-out, as well as for the remainder of the current month.

What If I am Not Ready to Pick A Specific Product?

No problem, simply choose a Minor League Gemstone Pack or a Major League Gem-Cache Pack and have it stored at the Secure Storage Facility; the first 6 months are free. At any time within a year, HRI will accept the gemstone product back at no charge, and allow an exchange for another HRI product. The only condition is that the product you choose must have been available at the time the original product order was placed.

First Steps – On A Board

Create Sales: A League product purchase gets you a free Entry on a Board. As part of the Sales Team, any sales you create gets you a Baseball Card which pays when you are at Home Plate; $1,500 in the Minor Leagues and $10,000 in the Major Leagues.

First Steps – In Your Back Office

Follow the instructions in your Welcome email, and familiarize yourself with your Back Office.

First Steps – Finding People

Actually, finding people is not hard, nearly everyone would like to earn more money. The hard part is to get them to go to the Information Tunnel. Just ask if they want to make $10 to$50,000 in their first month. Don’t answer any questions, the Information Tunnel was professionally designed to do just that. Besides, you don’t know enough to answer questions. Even if they say “I am not interested unless

First Steps – Training

While the HRI system allows you to have success without any training, the more you know, the easier it will be. The hardest part for most people is to strictly follow the “Say Nothing” Rule, however we know from thousands and thousands of interactions that this is the best way.