Built By A Distributor For A Distributor

HomeRun International is the result of one man’s quest to find a system that is designed so that:

“You can legitimately earn more money in a shorter
period of time than with any other business.”

Our Founder has been an entrepreneur since his teen’s. Baron was introduced to many business opportunities; however, they all required people to work hard for 3 to 5 years in the hopes of building a Residual income, and that did not seem tangible enough to someone who, at the time, had a good business income.

Finally, he was introduced to an opportunity that paid huge “UpFront Money” within weeks or less and in a short period of time he became the top salesperson (out of 20,000 Distributors). But Baron couldn’t continue doing the business when he found out that the product was available elsewhere for much less.

Baron searched and searched for an opportunity that offered the same level of “UpFront Money”, however, the customer had to receive product that offered good value. Baron hadn’t formalized it yet but he was applying what would be called “the Grandma test” to products, meaning he would have to be able to sell the product to his Grandma and know she was happy with him and the product value.

Elusive Perfect Opportunity

While no company offered such a combination of product value and “UpFront Money”, Baron always believed it could be done. Baron spent 16 years building, testing, and revising his own opportunity, paying out tens of millions in commissions to similarly-minded business seekers.

After an additional 5 years studying the system, dissecting the opportunity and comparing other businesses every day, Baron finally had the perfect opportunity.

1. The business wraps around you.
Therefore no major changes are needed in your lifestyle, no sales skills are required as the Information Tunnel takes over to do most of the work.

2. The product is offered at preferred pricing from retail to your Customer.
Therefore you are able to earn an immediate retail profit without any sales skills by simply referring the customer to your HRI retail website.

3. The Time Leverage System multiplies your commission.
Therefore you get paid $1,500 for every $600 sale and $10,000 for every $4,000 sale.

4. The product has passed the Grandma Test.
Therefore the product has real value.

5. You get the experience of working with other leaders not just your Upline.
Therefore you will have all sorts of mentors providing answers and assistance; particularly needed when someone first starts.

6. You are paid HUGE for any extra sales above the two that each member is responsible for.
Therefore members are always looking for opportunities to make extra sales, ensuring the entire Sales Team makes progress quickly.

7. Everybody has to make sales or they are not members of your Downline.
Therefore, you only have active members in your Downline and thus you get paid something every month on sales they create. No deadwood to clog the mind and your Downline reports.

8. You get paid month after month ongoing for work previously done from three Residuals.
Eventually everyone runs low on their personal people and then their recruiting slows down. Therefore, the HRI system is designed to keep you earning the big money regardless, through its MidTerm Money Leader Board and the LongTerm Money Residual. The system is designed to quickly grow your residual income in place of your massive UpFront Money.

9. There's a unique & revolutionary online presentation system called the Information Tunnel.
Therefore the success system used by companies for decades is now online allowing the prospect to personalize it. Another advantage is you do not have to drag your prospect to another city or across town during rush hour to get to a meeting.

10. You will put the same time and effort into introducing a prospect to any opportunity.
Therefore it then depends on the opportunity whether or not the prospect joins. Most can only boast an average of one out of 10 of those who see it actually join it, but with HRI you have the best closing ratio in the industry with many achieving a closing ratio of well over five out of 10, meaning most prospects say “YES” to this system.

“In HRI, no one does it alone. You always work with a team!”