Anyone Can Make Serious Money!

“One very important way to ensure you are joining the best opportunity available can be tested by looking at the ability of people from all walks of life to succeed with it. It must be simple with little to no training needed. A network marketing opportunity is really only as good as your ability to share it, create sales and sign up prospects as new Distributors... then repeat. This is called duplication.”

- Founder, HRI

Business as Usual

For over six decades, network marketing companies have been introducing their business opportunities and products via live seminars, training events and more recently, through websites that allow much more exposure to what they offer. Years of research by thousands of companies have been done to create successful live seminars that best present their business opportunities and products.
The advantage of live seminars is that these companies provide a controlled atmosphere where people are introduced to the opportunity in a systematic order. This ensures prospects properly understand what the opportunity and products are all about and thus, helps to eliminate any preconceived ideas, reducing the common resistance many people have to taking advantage of becoming involved.

The Disadvantages
The drawback to live seminars is that Distributors have to convince their friends and associates (list of contacts) to attend. In addition to the time it takes for the meeting, there is also the effort to make arrangements to attend and the actual time it takes for travel. Meetings are often scheduled at inconvenient times for people who work at day jobs, and usually involve travelling at rush hour.

A large percentage of contacts from a Distributor’s list are likely eliminated instantly because they reside too far from the live presentation! In the beginning, this issue usually eliminates most of the country and for sure, any other country! After a few years, there are often many live presentations all over the country as well as in many other countries, but by then, the opportunity is now somewhat diminished because of the length of time it has been available and many of the top leaders are already members. In other words, most of the “Big Fish” have been caught, so to speak!

The most overwhelming issue when inviting a contact (prospect) is that the prospect tends to ask all sorts of questions that a Distributor new to a business will not be able to properly answer, but will still attempt to do so anyway. This likely results in the prospect declining to go to the seminar, which means they don't get the proper education and often, the end result is they do not join the business.

Attempts to get into the 21st Century

Since people around the world can now view business opportunities and products online, they can learn about the opportunity immediately without having to wait for a physical meeting! This also helps a new Distributor not having to answer the many questions they may not have been able to answer properly anyway. They can now simply direct their prospect to the website.

The disadvantage to the “do-it-yourself” style plan is people can easily be overwhelmed by the information, read only some of it, miss important parts or simply get confused as they read it (often in the wrong order). This results in them leaving the website prematurely. Again, they don’t get the proper information needed to make an educated decision about the opportunity at hand and often, the end result is they do not join the business.

“Information Tunnel”: A Revolution in Doing Business

HomeRun International (HRI) has developed an “Information Tunnel” that allows a new prospect to see what we want them to see, in the order that it is necessary for it to be seen. It’s just like the controlled live seminar where each prospect must see the different aspects in a particular order to ensure they understand the concept: The first part has to be seen first; the second part second; the third part third, etc.! There is just no way around it as it’s simply the best way for a Prospect to understand the basics and be able to ask intelligent questions. HRI has developed an online seminar-like system that we call our “Information Tunnel”!

Why Average People Fail
A top charismatic leader, who is an expert sales person, finds it easy to succeed with network marketing business opportunities because they know they must gain a full understanding of the opportunity prior to approaching their prospects. With that understanding, they use their expertise, answering questions along the way to close or recruit just about anyone! However, even top leaders are limited by the number of people they can personally reach, meaning, they ultimately need the average person within their team to also be able to duplicate. In general, average people fail because they approach their prospects before they are educated enough to answer questions – but still try - and thus don’t have the understanding necessary to build a successful business.

The Best Duplicatable System!

HRI has created a way for an average person with no experience to successfully share the opportunity easily with little, if any, training at all. Named our “Information Tunnel,” it allows anyone to duplicate it over and over again.

Instead of answering questions, the Distributor simply directs their prospect to the website and there the prospect enters the Information Tunnel, just as if they were attending a live presentation. The prospect must follow the flow of information provided by a sequence of videos. The prospect then exits the Information Tunnel with all the knowledge, as if they had been to a live presentation. Similar to a live presentation where prospects are prompted to get questions answered, with our Information Tunnel, the Prospect is forwarded to the HRI Sales site with access to all the information about the company, products and the compensation. At this point, the Sponsor (the person who invited them) contacts their Prospect and introduces their own sponsor via a 3-way conversation to help answer questions. We are confident that once the Prospects have had all their questions answered, they are almost sure to become new Distributors.

One and Only!

Network Marketing Companies have to make a choice between “Upfront Money” and paying “Residuals”! HRI is the first in history to provide the best of both worlds!

HRI’s Ultimate Compensation Plan uses the secret of the “Time Leverage System”, perfected since 1994, to earn you massive “UpFront Money”, which in turn provides the fastest growing “Residual” with more earnings per person in your downline than any other system available today! Combine that with products that pass the Grandma Test along with the revolutionary “Information Tunnel,” and you now have a simple, duplicatable business with which…

Anyone Can Make Serious Money!