A Rare Opportunity

Our Planet has 7 billion people, yet this life-changing message is for you. This grants you, over everyone else, a rare opportunity to learn about the most advanced money-making system on the planet.

1. Proven Results

Since 1994, millions of dollars have been spent developing this incredible business system with many more millions paid out from it!

This system has been tried and tested in multiple countries with over 65,000 people benefiting from its outstanding products and superior earnings! HRI’s Corporate Team, combining many years of industry experience, is now unleashing the ultimate and unmatched cash-making "Time Leverage System".

This program is fun, exciting and lucrative.

With one of HRI’s strictest rules, all products have to pass the "Grandma Test"; What is meant by that is you can retail any product to your Grandmother and walk away knowing you’ve done her a favour.

2. Three Parts to the Ultimate Compensation Plan
There are three major parts, all working in combination, that are required to create a mind boggling compensation structure:

Part 1) Ensure you are operating with at least one of the concepts that make the word “opportunity” real: HRI secures your success by utilizing all four.

Part 2) Maximize those concepts to produce much higher results with some type of leverage: HRI produces incredible results by using its Time Leverage System, which has been perfected over a 22-year time span (since 1994).

Part 3) Offer the ability for the average person to produce above average results in terms of duplicating themselves and thus, earning way more money faster than ever before: HRI has revolutionized this with our Information Tunnel!

3. Part 1) What Makes The Word “Opportunity” Real?

There are four main concepts that make the word “Opportunity” real.

Revolutionize An Existing Industry:

A business must provide some kind of substantial advantage over the common methods currently being used today. That’s exactly what the founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, did. He applied the industrial revolution production line principles to the making of burgers, resulting in unprecedented success. As of year-end 2015, McDonald’s had 36,525 locations worldwide and its next closest competitor, Burger King, was less than half their size with only just over 15,000 locations.

Create A New Industry:

You must satisfy a need that the world seems to be oblivious about. That’s exactly what Bill Gates did with the creation of DOS (Disk Operating System), which lead to the creation of Windows. This was basically the foundation for the entire software industry! As of July 2016, 88.37% of all computers used Windows-based software. The next biggest competitor, Apple, had only 7.86% of the market!

Focus On Distribution:

The bulk of the money, approximately 85%, is in the distribution of products after they leave the manufacturer all the way to the end consumer. Only 15% of the money is in the manufacturing itself!

Sam Walton did exactly that by concentrating on the 85% portion of the money with his global phenomenon, Walmart. It does nothing, but distribute other peoples’ products and services! Seriously, what product does it make?

Walmart does not make any products, Walmart only makes money and lots of it! If it was a country, Walmart would rank 28th in the world in GDP. It does more business than most small countries with $485.7 billion in sales in 2014 alone.

Massive Profitability:
It’s important to have massive profitability to ensure your opportunity is real. The perfect time to capitalize on an industry or an invention and ensure the profit margin is the largest is at the beginning, when a product is first introduced to the market and there is little, to no, competition.

HRI has all 4 things that make the word ‘Opportunity’ real, plus a whole lot more.

4. Part 2) Time Leverage System

Famous people, mathematicians and the wealthiest individuals, are well aware of the formula behind the secret of the Time Leverage System. To get a much better idea, consider the following example:

How does a 100 pound person lift a 300 pound person without adding or subtracting any weight? Simply use the leverage effect of a see-saw and have the 300 pound person move closer to the tipping point.

In the same way, our Time Leverage System multiplies your earnings on sales. Using the Time Leverage System, Distributors have earned $10,000 to $50,000 in their first month. If you can’t believe it’s true, you are like most people. But then again, who would have thought a 100 pound person can lift 300 pounds?

With the combination of the highest profit margins available, plus the power of the Time Leverage System, the resulting up-front earnings are so great they cause an unprecedented highest closing ratio in the industry. This means fast massive growth in your HRI business that is impossible to achieve in a traditional multi-year, drawn-out, delayed-paid network marketing opportunities.

Our success with the Time Leverage System has proven to be the absolute best front-door system of recruiting with a near 100% closing ratio and the best back-door system of keeping those people in with near to 100% retention.

5. Part 3) Duplication Made Easy

Creating a way for the non-sales people (80% of all Distributors) to be able to duplicate themselves relatively easily is a task no company has really been able to accomplish. HRI has come up with a method of doing exactly that, resulting in amazing success for the average person.

Our Information Tunnel allows anyone to duplicate themselves over and over again. Instead of answering questions, the Distributor simply directs his prospect to the website where they enter our Information Tunnel. Now, your prospects get a proper understanding of the opportunity and can make an informed decision, which from our previous experience indicates they will most likely join. The end result is most of your prospects will join! No more counting the “Nos” to get to one “Yes”. The people in your group will experience the same fantastic results as well. Imagine the exponential growth of your group, which will result in massive income for you.

It’s just like having the top sales person in the company taking over every time you start talkingwith a prospect, walking them through an introduction to the business until such time the prospect asks questions to confirm this amazing business concept is true, given they subconsciously already have enough reasons to join.

This is the MLM game changer of the decade.

The timing on this is absolutely perfect for maximum success from your efforts. It is truly…


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