27 Revolutions
Earn Thousands of Dollars
Within Your 1st Month
Turning the Industry Upside Down
“27 Revolutions”
“The more you learn about HRI and its revolutionary systems, the moreamazed you will be!”

- Baron A. Kippax

Welcome to HomeRun International (HRI), a worldwide, innovative marketing company that has been tried, tested and developed to perfection for over 22 years. You now get the chance to be one of the first to benefit from our revolutionary, advanced version of the massive money-making “Time Leverage System”. You now have the “Ultimate Earnings Opportunity”. What will you do with it?

1. Built by a Distributor for a Distributor
Problem: There are many pay structures within the network marketing industry. Once you come to understand them, it becomes clear that some are much better than others when it comes to the bottom line, making money. Most companies are designed with little concern for the Distributor, which is obvious because their pay structure has breakage. Breakage is when commission is offered, many Distributors don’t qualify, and then the money stays in the company rather than roll up to the next qualified Distributor. Example; A company may claim they pay 60% to 70% of all the money to commissions, but because most Distributors are unsuccessful in meeting the qualifications to earn at that level, the money never gets paid out and the company only ends up paying out 25% to 35%.

Revolution: HRI is built by a Distributor whose main desire was and still is to be a Distributor and thus, he calculated the entire pay structure and its benefits first and foremost with the Distributor in mind! The result is a company that, according to its President, pays way too much! The entire pay structure uses the roll up plan, which pays the Upline, resulting in Zero Breakage.

2. 3 Rules - How to do the Business
Rule 1 - “Shut the Beep, Beep and Beep Up!” (Say Nothing)

Problem: All network marketing companies spend lots of time talking about duplication as they teach you how to explain their products. In an industry like heath products, which represent 80% of the MLM industry, you need to become “half a doctor” to be successful in selling their products. Revolution: The most duplicatable method possible is to build the opportunity so Distributors need to learn nothing or do any selling but still have the ability to become very successful. This literally means anyone from all walks of life can do it successfully. On top of that, most people don’t like to sell to their family and friends. You simply ask a prospect “would you like to earn $10,000 to $50,000 a month starting your first month”, then take the prospect to an Intro Site (HRI “Information Tunnel”). HRI wraps around you and your life, meaning you don’t have to change in order to be successful.

Rule 2 - “Face-to-Face, or on the Phone, While They Watch the Videos!”

Problem: When inviting someone to a presentation, you have to go with them. This takes time to arrange and time to get there and back adding up too many hours, perhaps even the whole evening.

Revolution: Although we are completely automated online, the positive effect of being with your person while they watch the experts do the presentation is still very important. It’s best for you to meet your prospect face-to-face and walk them through the Information Tunnel. We teach you to meet with your prospect if possible and if not, you must be on the phone listening while your prospect watches the videos! Remember at $1,500 or $10,000 per Baseball Card, you don’t want to miss.

Rule 3 - “Build, Track, Work a List” (BTW)

It is said in many sales related businesses that “Your business is only as big as your list”! This couldn’t be truer than with the HRI business. We teach Distributors how to effectively build their list (300 to 500 people minimum) as well as how to systematically work the list for the best results and to ensure the closing ratio of getting each prospect to join is beyond belief!

3. Intro Sites - 54 Websites

Problem: It is important to capture the attention of the prospect. The more curious/interested the prospect is, the better their attention span will be and, the easier it will be for the prospect to grasp what is being said. Therefore, they get excited by the opportunity and join the company.

Revolution: HRI provides each Distributor with more than 54 individual website addresses that become their personal websites for recruiting others! When joining HRI, you provide a nickname, that plus the dotin front of any of the 54 Intro Sites, which become web addresses you can use for recruiting. Now Distributors personalize their approach depending on the person they are trying to recruit and or what is said during the discussion.

Note: All 54 Intro Sites are listed on the back page of this booklet.

Example Sites
RichieRich.DownlineYourUpline.com RichieRich.Number1MLM.com

Actual Case Scenario
Jeff was talking to his father on Skype video and asked him if he was interested in earning $10,000 to $50,000 USD a month, starting his first month? His father was initially stand off-ish and responded; "I Can't Believe It's True!" So Jeff told him to go to this site: “Jeff .ICantBelieveItsTrue.com!" Shock set in. Jeff could see his father lean forward towards the computer, and his facial expression, tone and demeanor changed as it seemed the conversation was pre-ordained; Jeff knew his father’s interest had gone way up about the opportunity!

4. Information Tunnel: Entry Path

Problem: A Network marketing companies’ “order of presenting” in their presentation has been carefully designed to get the highest percentage of people to join. You wouldn’t do it in any other way as the company knows best. However, there is nothing to target the individual personally; the presentation is built for the masses, it’s designed to get the most out of an average crowd. Also, when visiting a typical network marketing website, there is no guide as to what to do and where to go next, leaving the visitor confused and without a full understanding of why it’s in their best interest to join.

Revolution: Advancements in technology have allowed HRI to improve on that. We teach Distributors to bring their prospects to the Information Tunnel (a controlled path like a funnel) to watch the videos. Prospects choose the video they want to watch next. That means without thinking about it, prospects customize the order of the presentation, making it “the best presentation for them”. This lets us know what is important to the prospect, allowing us to address their concerns and eliminating them as they pop up in their mind. Now it’s much easier getting them to join, thus increasing everyone’s closing ratio. With the HRI system, prospects are guided through the journey of understanding the opportunity in the exact way that is best suited for them.

5. WHALE: HRI Strategy Helps You Become Completely Free

Problem: Most network marketing companies are focused on just one or two of life’s most important subjects such as Health. All companies try to get you to believe you can build
Wealth by sharing it, when at the end of the day, most people find out that its nothing more than a pipe dream.

W - Wealth:
Mission Wealth – “being able to earn and keep a lot more money than you need.”
H - Health:
Mission Health – “being able to be your best in mind, body, and spirit; able to live and enjoy life to the fullest.”
A - Assets:
Mission Assets – “acquiring valuables beyond cash and out of easy spending reach for long term gain.”
L - Lifestyle:
Mission Lifestyle – “being able to experience all that life has to offer.”
E - Environment:
Mission Environment - “being able to maintain a clean and healthy habitat for all in which to live and thrive.”

6. The Grandma Test: All Products Must Pass (One of Two Guarantee Factors)

“When purchasing a product, you want to know you paid the lowest possible price for the highest value.” - HRI
Problem: The typical opportunity available today overprices its products to create commissions, and thus, the bulk of Distributors are not able to sell them at retail because a similar product is available at a retail level for less. The question that comes to mind for most people is, “What’s the product?” Well, truth be known, it doesn’t really matter what the product is! Let me explain:

Revolution: HRI has a Rule; “All products must pass the Grandma Test.” What is meant by that is you can take any of our products, sell it to your Grandma at full price and walk away knowing you’ve done her a favor! At the same time, your Grandma is thinking, “Wow, my grandchild is the greatest. I get this awesome product and save money.” Now, deep down inside, you know you can sell it to anyone. That’s the Grandma Test. So, it really doesn’t matter what the product is, does it?
What really matters are that your customers get value for their money! With that in mind, you could, in good conscience, easily sell HRI products to anyone, right?

7. HRI Retail Site: Profits Like No Other

Problem: A retail store in the network marketing industry is virtually non-existent! Most products are too expensive even at wholesale for Distributors to retail and make money. Without any real retail sales, there’s no opportunity for Distributors to make a retail profit.

Revolution: At HRI, we supply our members with a personalized online retail website where they can offer all our products to their customers. Since The customers (usually friends or associates), have been referred, they will automatically receive preferred pricing of 20% to 25% (approx.) off the retail price. Now Distributors can feel confident they are giving their friends a great price while actually making very nice retail profit.

8. Why 3 Main Revenues: No More “Dream on Cloud 9”

Problem: On joining a network marketing company, most people find that the kind of money you can earn creating personal sales is very little. Those companies have you believing that if you work at the business long and hard, like 3 to 5 years, you can eventually make a monthly residual that you can live off of regardless of your personal sales! Commonly, it takes many thousands of participants in your downline before you can start making enough money monthly to actually be able to live on it! Most quit during this 3 to 5 years “Dream on Cloud 9” time period, before ever achieving it.

Revolution: HomeRun International pays you in three primary ways; 1) “UpFront Money” earned directly from your sales; retail profit plus commissions generated from your sales paying big money (250% of the sale). They are generally paid to you quickly, within a few weeks, perhaps even a few days! For most Distributors this continues for months with common earnings ranging between $10,000 to $50,000 USD monthly! 2) “MidTerm Money” earned by creating one to five extra sales to earn a minimum of $50,000 to as high as $1,000,000 USD paid on Leader Board bonuses. This money is paid to you regardless of your personal sales as you oversee multiple Sales Teams helping them to be successful. This money is designed to boost earnings as your personal sales start to slow down. 3) “LongTerm Money” (Residual) starting relatively small but designed to grow and eventually become your largest of the three “Monies” within 6 to 24 months! There are three types of Residuals paid monthly, which you can build to become very large ongoing monthly revenue from work previously done.

With HRI, there is no need to “Dream on Cloud 9!” For those who give all they got, our program will reward them with their dream income within two years or less.

9. UpFront Money: Personal Sales

Problem: In most network marketing companies, the direct commission on sales is very little at best making it impossible to make full time money monthly at the beginning.

Revolution: With HRI and when creating personal sales, you will earn what we call Cash Back or our “UpFront Money” which is generated directly from your sales. This is big money, paying you 250% of each sale. UpFront Money is generally paid to you quickly within a few weeks, perhaps even a few days! This money is designed so even your first few month’s monthly income is usually between $10,000 to $50,000 USD for those who put in real effort. The bottom line is…
No More “Dream On Cloud Nine!”

10. MidTerm Money: $50,000 to $1,000,000

Problem: From previous experience in this business, we know that the extreme money we pay UpFront for personal sales tends to slow down as an average Distributor starts to run out of their warm market (friends). With sales slipping after the first few months, the Distributor thinks they need to get into some other program to survive, and they begin to look for one. People who repeat this action are called “MLM Junkies.” Most Distributors cannot afford to get through the “lean years” required to enjoy the fat Residual years.

Revolution: HRI has created what we call our “MidTerm Money”, which is earned by creating extra sales and thus paying you on one, two or all three of our Leader Board positions, even possibly all at the same time. On achieving a Leader Board position, you will start to earn the “MidTerm Money.” This money, for overseeing the Sales Teams, can start to multiply within weeks and can grow quickly to enhance and even replace your “Upfront Money!” By the time your personal sales or “UpFront Money” slows down and you start to run low on the people you know (“warm market”), the Leader Board earnings or “MidTerm Money” will have had a chance to kick in and start multiplying, ensuring that your earnings stay high for many months to come. This “MidTerm Money” can range anywhere from as low as $50,000 to a maximum of $1,000,000 per Entry. There are no limits to the number of Entries you can have.

11. LongTerm Money: Three Residuals Paying You Monthly

Problem: With all network marketing programs, there is some kind of Residual earnings program that pays you from the efforts of your downline. Most of these companies will tell you if you work at this for 3 to 5 years or more, you can eventually build a downline big enough that you can live off the Residual. Their programs offer many different types of Residuals to earn money, requiring you to do one or more of the following; balance sales between two legs or purchase a higher amount of product depending on your downline sales to max out your earnings for that month, as well as many more different quirks that may exist. In many cases, these are difficult to achieve. You will need to sit down at the beginning of every month as well as near the end of the month and choose which Residual will pay you the best, forcing you to financially direct your efforts for the best possible profits for that month.

Revolution: HRI offers three Residuals, 5x7 Matrix Group Volume, Direct Distributors Matching Bonus and our Team Building Club TEN. Collectively, these help create your Residual, which is paid once a month on Check #9. Unlike other company’s Residuals, by simply concentrating on our Team Building Residual or Club TEN, you will automatically max out your earnings for your efforts on all three Residuals. Yes, finally with HRI, Distributors can concentrate on a single Residual and automatically get paid the maximum!

12. Minor & Major Leagues: Your Baseball Themed Sales Team

Problem: When getting started in this industry, it’s easy to feel alone if you have never done this type of business before. With no experience behind you, any help at all will be appreciated. Everyone joining has an Upline, which includes your sponsor. Even with that, sometimes they are so busy you can’t get enough of their time to ensure you are comfortable as you start to learn and work your business. Almost all network marketing companies operate with no theme or gamification, making it look and feel like work.

Revolution: We at HRI have come up with a much better plan. With HRI, you’re never alone. With a sale, you join a Sales Team that has a minimum of 9 players and up to 3 Leaders. The advantage of a team is all players are concerned about the next sale so the entire team will try to help you. Your Upline may not be part of that team, meaning you have them for extra support. In keeping with the modern trend of gamification, HRI introduces the excitement of our Baseball themed “Time Leverage System”. By having a theme, not only are we making it much more fun, but everyone can easily relate to it. Reality; the more fun and interesting it is doing the business, the less it feels like work, the more you will accomplish, and the more people will want to join you.

13. Guarantee Factors: Your Board Never Stops Moving

Problem: Matrix-based network marketing systems use Boards or cyclers to track sales created by the Sales Team. A problem occasionally occurs when not all members of the Sales Team create sales and the Board slows down or even so-called “dies” (there are no sales for an extended period of time).

Revolution: From extensive experience over many years with Matrix systems, HRI has implemented several “guarantee factors” to ensure that when a Distributor creates a sale, they also get paid the massive unmatched 250% commissions being offered. First, all products have to pass the “Grandma Test”, meaning the products are offered at a better value than what is available at retail. Next, experienced Leaders called All-Stars are placed on the weakest Sales Teams to help generate sales with special sales bonuses as an incentive. Finally, all Sales Team members are encouraged to create a few extra sales (1 to 5) to get on the Leader Board and earn up to $250,000 in the Minor Leagues and up to $1,000,000 in the Major Leagues.

14. Co-op Team Program: Share the Cost (Available in Select Countries Only)

Problem: In some countries like the Philippines, the bulk of the people’s earnings are so small they would find it almost impossible to participate since the cost of joining for them and their circle of influence would be prohibitive.

Revolution: HRI offers an opportunity for people to better themselves. However, we recognize some people cannot afford to participate. Therefore, our Co-op Team Program has been designed to allow people in lower-income Countries to combine resources, making it financially easier to participate in the Minor League products and opportunity offered by HRI. The Co-op Program allows 2 to 6 people (payment split equally) to partner and share in the benefits of an HRI Minor League product as well as the Cash Back earnings potential provided from making a sale and getting on the Board with a free Minor League Entry. The Co-op Team Program will catapult each member, who creates even a single sale, to their own personal Entry on a Board, which means they can benefit from the full potential of the massive “Time Leverage System” payout, never to look back.

15. Gem-Cache: What is it & Why

Problem: Many companies require excessive product purchases either at the start and/or for monthly qualifications, etc. In most cases, the product sits in your garage and expires. So, how do you ensure that the product is 100% genuine, doesn’t depreciate in value, or expire before you can use it? It is one thing to offer a money-making opportunity, but they don’t teach you how to keep your money.

Even worse, the higher you climb the proverbial ladder, the more you need to buy to keep qualifying. In some cases, they make you take much larger quantities at the beginning when joining (this is called front end loading), thus filling your garage, with you becoming what the industry calls “Garage Qualified.”

Revolution: HRI’s answer to all the above is Gem-Cache. Gem-Cache are one-of-a-kind, high value precious gemstones placed in a ¾” Bar with 22 carat real Gold leaf around the edge. The actual gemstone is embedded in the Bar. Gem-Cache is your guarantee that you are getting real gemstones with a no-cost-to-you Certified Independent Appraisal detailing the value, cut, color, clarity and carat. You simply pick from a huge selection of Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires available at our online store. Collecting high valued assets like precious gemstones is great for the long term. Also, retail customers get a special rate of 25% off the appraised value on all Gem-Cache purchases when they purchase from a Distributor’s retail website (HRI’s huge selection). Gem-Cache increases in value over time and it has a universal appeal, making it a great product to trade for almost anything!

16. What Are HRI Territories & Promoters: Earn on All Sales Within

Problem: Usually Distributors are limited to only being able to earn on their own sales and that of their personal downline while watching established Leaders earn on much larger groups. In addition, companies find it difficult to get their products and program known in the less populated areas like rural routes, distant villages, remote areas and even just small cities outside of big metropolises. Similar to digging for gold, everyone tends to go to the biggest veins. The same is true with Distributors seeking to build their businesses. Remote areas tend to be lacking an expert in new products etc. while some products never get the proper exposure.

Revolution: Territories provide another way for a Distributor to participate in the earnings of HRI. In fact, a person who owns a Territory earns on all sales within that Territory, regardless of whose Downline made the sale! By becoming a Territory Manager, a Distributor, old or new, big group or small group, can immediately tap into sales for additional earnings and future potential earnings as they develop that Territory. In addition, the HRI Distributor who sold the HRI Territory, becomes the Promoter and is paid a monthly commission to help the Territory Manager make the Territory a great success. All Wholesale Purchasers and Customers in a Territory benefit from the experience and efforts of the Territory Manager and Promoter as they establish themselves as the Territory’s product experts. HRI has designed the system with the idea that regardless of where the Territory might be located, all Territory Owners have similar earnings potential. If all metropolitan areas are sold, then the next closest areas could become desirable for Distributors nearby. This spreads out the talent and helps grow the sales in the less populated areas. Territories are unique in the world of Network Marketing!

17. What Are Stadiums & Promoters: Get Paid Even More

Problem: When a prospect looks at the business online, there can be hesitation and skepticism to get involved because they can’t simply walk into a store and buy the product or meet real people face to face! Distributors, while on their quest to build their business, will look for presentations and trainings in their local area. When a Distributor with a guest is looking for a local presentation, it can be difficult to find one at the time needed.

Revolution: HRI has completely systemized the presentation and trainings using physical locations called Stadiums. Stadiums provide a Distributor with a place to bring prospects and customers. Stadiums also support our online presence by providing re-assuring “bricks and mortar” locations to be used as showrooms, meeting rooms and training centers. Stadium Owners and Promoters earn from all the personally-sponsored Distributors of all Distributors assigned to their Stadium. This means when you are visiting any Stadium around the world and arrive with a prospect, the Stadium Owner and their team will be excited and motivated to help you because they have a vested interest in your prospect joining the HRI business opportunity via their Stadium.

18. Inventor Packs and Product Territories: Worldwide Innovations

Problem: There are many new inventions available every day from around the world. However, they need a distribution network. Some of the better ones’ may sell through network marketing companies with Distributors responsible for selling and teaching the general public all about them. Many products do not go through the network marketing model because it does not allow sales of its products through typical retail stores.

Revolution: HRI has created an innovative approach to introduce inventions and products from around the world to the marketplace. Distributors bring on Inventors who purchase our Inventor Pack, and HRI connects the Inventor/Manufacturer with 40 excited sales people, who become the Inventor’s dedicated Sales Directors. A Sales Director purchases a Product Territory License (PTL) and then owns the “Exclusive Rights” for that “Widget” in that licensed Territory, all for a lot less than the cost of just one of the least inexpensive franchises. HRI Distributors can earn a whopping $10,000 for each Inventor sale and each PTL sale. While there are advantages to being an HRI Distributor, Inventors and Sales Directors do not have to be HRI Distributors. HRI will promote the “Widget” internationally to all of our members/sales people. This system allows our Distributors to offer the “Latest Greatest” products to their customers and recruits.

19. Receiving an All-Star: Here to Save the Day (One of Two Guarantee Factors)

Problem: New Distributors, and perhaps weaker ones, may be part of a large group where the top Leaders have no time to explain the system and mentor them. As a result, some can have trouble finding and approaching prospects and/or creating sales. The problem is identifying Distributors that need assistance so they too can make sales and receive the commissions being offered. It is common in the industry for 90% of all Distributors not to be sales people. Weak and inexperienced Distributors almost always approach the business wrong and fail.

Revolution: In HRI, a Distributor is part of a Sales Team with other Distributors who may not necessarily be in their Upline. This effectively expands the number of people a Distributor can access and lean on, people who have a financial interest in their success. When a Sales Team struggles to make sales and move the Board, it will be assigned an All-Star. All-Stars are experienced leaders who are placed on a Sales Team in order to generate sales and get the Board moving, which in turn benefits all Sales Team members. Weaker or inexperienced Distributors can feel more confident when joining HRI, knowing in advance an All-Star will be supplied when needed. The struggling Distributor now understands they will be supported in the business and finds the confidence to become successful. By creating conditions where the little person has success, the All-Star reaps many benefits.

20. Advantage of Being an All-Star: The Chance to Hit It Big

Problem: Experienced Distributors have a wealth of experience. However, they are limited to the number of people they can help. How can Distributors that need help the most be systematically identified? The challenge is giving the experienced Distributor a large enough financial incentive to help others, even if they are not part of the experienced Distributor’s downline.

Revolution: HRI has a way to do exactly that! HRI makes each experienced leader an All-Star. An All-Star gets a free placement on the oldest Sales Team that is the slowest at creating sales. In addition to the free Entry, the All-Star gets access to cash bonuses for creating the next two sales. Since the existing team is not fighting for the sales, it makes it easy for the All-Star to create the sales needed to get on the Leader Board. These earnings are in addition to what they can earn per sale at Home Plate, in the Minor Leagues they can earn $50,000 to $250,000! If it’s the Major Leagues, the payout can be $200,000 to $1,000,000!

21. Waking Up the Dead: Proving the System Works

Problem: It’s common for people who join networking companies to simply fail to get started. In many cases, a new Distributor is considered “Dead” if they don’t attend a training or a presentation or join in on a conference call within 21 days. Even when the company trains their active Distributors to try and wake them up, the dead will still likely do nothing. We all know it’s impossible to “Wake up the Dead!”

Revolution: HRI has perfected a systematic method of “Waking Up the Dead”. Our program pays so much money that the only reason someone needs to be awoken is because they don’t believe in the program and lose interest. Sometimes, this might happen when new Distributors make the fatal mistake of trying to explain the opportunity, instead of following Rule #1, “Shut the Beep, Beep and Beep Up”. Our “Waking Up the Dead” program pays all Dead Distributors as if they had made their two sales of $600, showing they earned a total of $3,000 US in commission. HRI then shows that they effectively hired fellow Distributors to make the sales for them, paying them $1,500 for each $600 sale ($10,000 for each $4,000 sale)! When they realize the only reason they didn’t earn the so-called “too good to be true money” is because they didn’t do anything, it makes them re-think their approach to the business. We are “Waking Up the Dead!”

22. Vaultress: Better Than Cash

Problem: International payments can be troublesome, both when a Customer buys a product and when a Distributor receives their commissions. When network marketing companies want to do business in other countries, they need to sit down and decide which banks and payment methods will support the program within that given country. This process can take six months or more and severely limits how the company and its distributors operate. This also renders many countries inaccessible.

Revolution: HRI is very forward thinking and takes advantage of the new power that cryptocurrencies offer. Cryptocurrencies allow people and businesses to safely and securely transact with each other worldwide. As a cryptocurrency, Vaultress provides “Anytime, Anywhere Transactions” at nearly zero cost! Vaultress is designed to be used for even the smallest transactions between friends and local stores, which will in turn lead to wider acceptance by many large businesses.

HRI is accepting Vaultress as its official form of payment because it provides a simple and secure way to pay or receive money no matter what country a Distributor lives in. The main advantage is it’s so much better than cash; no change needed, no extra secure location needed, no cash register needed, no need to run to the bank to make deposits daily, no concerns as to where your travels take you, etc. In addition, Vaultress has an automated algorithm which adjusts the release price based on an index of the top ten cryptocurrencies, meaning that the value will likely keep increasing overall.
Receiving Vaultress as a form of payment allows you to capitalize on its price increase without having to sell them or do anything, unlike fiat money that is constantly losing value.

23. Auto IF: Protect Your Retirement Earnings

Problem: Many times, a network marketing company’s compensation plan makes it favorable to buy some product near the end of the month in order to qualify for certain bonuses etc. On top of that, many companies require an auto-ship of product, which in most cases is more product than you can use in a month, resulting in many products in your garage with expiry dates. The reason for the popularity of Network Marketing is that once you build a group, you get paid on all sales in that group. The company tries to support you by having members enroll in their Auto-ship, which will automatically sell lots of product (wanted and unwanted). That’s great for your commissions, however, it’s not so great for the people having to pay for all that unneeded product.

Revolution: While HRI does not follow the typical system of forced purchases when it comes to our compensation plan, there are times when an extra purchase or sale can be beneficial. HRI solves that problem in several ways. First of all, there is a constantly-increasing and appreciating selection of valuable products, which members are actually likely to buy more of than the minimum requirements. Secondly, since Retail Customers get a favorable discount from retail store prices, members can expect some retail sales, which count towards their business volume. However, “IF” in a particular month you don’t do enough business, which includes Retail Site Customer purchases and personal retail sales or consumption, you must agree to use the “Auto IF” feature to remain active. This gives HRI permission to send you a pre-arranged product only on those months. This is unlike the other Auto-Ship programs that force you to buy every month. No matter whether your Downline buys a Minor League product, does an “Auto IF”, does $600 worth of business or $120, it makes no difference to you. With HRI you will get paid Residuals from each and every person in your Downline monthly.

24. No Breakage - Distributors Earn It All!

Problem: Many network marketing companies claim to payout 60 or 70% of revenue. However, when Distributors are unable to qualify for certain bonuses, the company simply keeps the money! Subsequently the payout can be approximately 25% - 35% of revenue! This means you receive much less than expected!

Revolution: HRI designed the system so all money earned will be paid out! When a Distributor fails to qualify we roll up the commission. In rare cases like an All-Star Gray Card Bonus is not fully paid out, the money is accumulated and given as Quarterly Bonus for Top Distributors.

25. Resort Accommodation Credits (RACs): Attending International Events

Problem: Networking companies are always on a serious push to get as many Distributors as possible to go to the next big event where they can meet some of the biggest players, get pumped up at the Rally and take in top notch training offered from some of the best in the Industry! It is very important for a company to have mega people at their Rallies not only for the above reasons, but also to show the growth of the company. The biggest company in the industry gets its Distributors to wear the “Event Ticket” weeks in advance in their top shirt pocket so it’s visible, letting everyone around them know that they are going and so should they. Expenses quickly mount up, starting with the cost of the event ticket itself along with the cost to get there, the cost to stay at a hotel, etc. The problem is the total cost to go to these events for most Distributors becomes prohibitive.

Revolution: The best way to insure the highest number of Distributors come to the big events (meaning your downline gets pumped up) is for the company to pay for it!! HRI supplies Resort Accommodation Credits (RACs) on every fully paid out sale. RACs can be used to pay the resort accommodations where the Event is being held. Within the three-month period between “HRI International Events,” most Distributors can accumulate enough RACs to actually cover their accommodations! Now, Distributors only have to find their way there and back. To ensure the seasoned Distributors share their knowledge and experience with others by attending all events, RACs double from the 10th sale onwards, making it even easier for the seasoned Distributors to go to every event wherever it is in the world!

26. No Special Deals for Industry Leaders: Why Not?

Problem: To get started within this industry, it is common for a company to offer extra pay, like a “Signing Bonus” or additional overrides, to Leaders in the industry in order to motivate them to bring their entire downline with them and jump start the new company! These Leaders have built up mega years of contacts, making them hugely desirable. The issue is that these Leaders are paid outside of the compensation plan, creating a false belief in the value of the compensation plan.

Revolution: HRI does not pay the Industry Leaders anything extra, and the reason is simple; we pay all the money that is possible to each and every Distributor regardless of experience or abilities! Everyone has access to the exact same pay. It is truly a fair and level playing field. Our pay structure pays so much that experienced Leaders quickly join because they realize their downlines will end up being HRI Distributors anyway! We simply pay way, way, way more than all other programs out there today. We do, however, meet with Leaders and help them maximize their potential, explaining strategies on how to best work the HRI business.

27. Save the Planet: The Ultimate Charity

Problem: Modern society requires companies to balance profits with being good social citizens, which includes awareness of environmental and social well-being. Most companies do not have any method, systemized or otherwise, of giving to some greater causes and thus, they do not help to make a difference on the world scene.

Revolution: “Save the Planet”! HRI recognizes that giving to a charity is important, and we want to make sure it is by far the best charity we can all benefit from!
Environment, Charity, Save the Planet. HRI has decided to support charities we can all benefit from, charities that do something with a “Save the Planet” approach. HomeRun International is serious about its responsibility to contribute to society. While there are many worthwhile causes, our take is that if there is no planet, then nothing else matters. Our focus, therefore, is on supporting causes or Charities that protect the planet. There is no “Plan-et B!”
Focusing on Natural Ways to Help Strengthen Mother Nature. At HomeRun International, we are focused on natural ways to strengthen Mother Nature with lots of encouragement for our affiliates, staff and suppliers to help them develop their environmental awareness and help nourish Mother Nature.

Providing a Percentage of Sales to Charities Dedicated to Protecting the Planet. HomeRun International contributes a percentage from each product sale to support environmentally friendly causes and Registered Charities that utilize near 100% of their received contributions to protect the planet. In addition, each and every Distributor decides what percentage they would like to contribute (minimum 1% of their earnings), and HRI donates 100% of those earnings.

HRI is Driven to "Save the Planet" for our Children's Future!
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