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3 “MUST KNOWs” about your HRI Business
------------ “Perfecting HRI” ------------

Please Note: It’s important to read carefully the following information carefully! For amazing results from your HRI Business and "TO INSURE YOUR GREAT SUCCESS," you MUST follow up on and study everything this “Perfecting HRI” training doc suggests.

1 - The 3 Rules on How to do the Business

There are “3 Rules” that absolutely must be followed to have the most success possible from this business. The “3 Rules” are packed full of information you will need to be successful. The better you follow the “3 Rules” the more successful you will be.

2 - How to Take Advantage of the HRI Pre-Launch

There are a few ways to take advantage of the “HRI Pre-Launch” period, it’s a very limited time. Along with the Pay Later button, there are some specific ways for you to get the most out of it. This is your opportunity to position yourself and your best recruits helping to earn the big money fast.

3 - Speed Up Your Board Techniques

Splitting the Board faster is a great advantage for you and your Team, it can’t be overstated! Here are some powerful ways to do exactly that while at the same time literally multiply your Team’s desire and ability to do sales

Thought Provoking Question

How much schooling would you be willing to take if you knew you would make more money than you ever dream of afterwards? The following pages teach you all you need to know so you can make just about any amount of money you desire! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT than studying these 3 Parts.

Great Success is Yours to be Had…
By Simply Learning This!

Part 1-A: 3 Rules on How to do the Business

3 Rules

Rule 1: Shut the Beep, Beep and Beep Up!

Over 80% of all Distributors cannot sell, so to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, simply ask your Prospect: “Would you like to make $10,000 to $50,000 a month working part time, YES or NO?” Say nothing else; repeat the question as necessary. Then use any “Intro Site” and let the “Information Tunnel” take over! Even if you’re an industry expert or think the prospect will join, say nothing else; no company name, no product, etc.

Rule 2: Face-to-Face or on the phone while they watch the videos!

Nothing is better than face-to-face while showing the videos to your prospect! ONLY when distances are too far, like when you are cities or countries apart, would you use the next best method, which is staying on the phone with them listening as they watch each video. In either case, after each video ask them, “What do you think?” Agree with whatever they say and then ask them what video they want to watch next?

Rule 3: Build, Track, Work a List (BTW)

To achieve excellence in networking, you must Build, Track and Work a List! Most people will write down 30 prospects! For those who are serious and want to make it big, the HRI “Memory Joggers” will quickly build anyone’s list to hundreds of prospects! Consistent use of BTW, a “trackable systemized list organizer” helps to ensure you don’t miss anyone. Then just follow the HRI perfected contacting system provided.

'The Hard Truth"

There are only “Three Rules” with HRI, failing to do any one of them is like cutting your benefits and giving up 1/3rd of your paychecks or more! It will also dramatically reduce your Longterm Money and growth! See each Rule Document and learn in detail how to “Speed Build” your HRI business for great success.

Rule 1

"Shut the Beep, Beep and Beep Up!"

Why we use it - Of course, most everyone knows the company called Starbucks. Well, four-time Stanley Cup- winning hockey star Tim Horton started a company much like that one, but it originated in Canada! To this very day, Tim Horton’s is the only company to beat McDonalds as the largest and highest dollar volume franchise in Canada, taking the number one spot in 2003! As of December 8, 2016, there were 4,492 locations with 80% of them in Canada. Burger King has since bought the company with plans to go worldwide! You should soon see them popping up everywhere!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. In 1964, Tim asked many people to invest in his new coffee and donut shop business and even though he was successful and famous, they said no! As far as they knew, restaurants charging $10 per customer were going out of business left, right and center. So how could Tim’s company survive and prosper when he was only asking $0.79 for a coffee and a donut? The usual reply was, "Well Tim, while I highly respect you for your Hockey abilities, what do you really know about the restaurant business? No thanks, Tim. I think you should just stick to hockey!"

Tim soon realized he needed to "Shut the Beep, Beep and Beep Up" and just ask his potential investors to come to a meeting where they would learn the details on how to earn from $300,000 to $500,000 a year with this new business opportunity he was offering! At the meeting, it was clearly explained how an investor could make huge money selling coffee and donuts. Now they invested! This plan worked so well that Tim Horton’s was sold in 1995 to Wendy's for about $425,000,000! It sold again to Burger King in 2014 for an amazing $11,000,000,000!

The bottom line is instead of making an uneducated decision, you owe it to yourself to fully understand the opportunity before making the decision, so you don’t accidentally miss out on something huge! Therefore, to be successful, a new Distributor must “Say Nothing” and bring their people to a presentation where experienced HRI Distributors, who understand the business best, can explain the concept clearly and properly. While it is quick and easy to introduce your people to the online presentation that starts with a 3 minute and 57 second video, an even better option, whenever possible, is for new Distributors to bring their people to see a presentation at one of our Stadium locations.

They say in life that 95% of the things you hear are just BS, but you must listen to all of it in order to hear the 5% that really matters. Thanks for taking your time to learn about this concept. Now you can take full advantage of HRI’s Rule 1; “Shut the Beep, Beep and Beep Up!”

Note: This business system has been perfected since 1994 and has paid out many millions in commissions in a single year. For the first time ever, it’s now being offered as a fully automated online opportunity. Being first has its advantages!

Rule 2

"Face-to-Face, or on the Phone, While They Watch the Videos!"

Be a Friend - When inviting someone to a presentation, it makes sense for you to go with them and sit beside them during the presentation. Although we are completely automated online, the positive effect of being with your Prospects while they watch the presentation is still the same. It’s always best for you to meet your Prospects face- to-face while you show them the Information Tunnel (You’ve Been Chosen Video… plus others)! Meeting your Prospects face-to-face will always increase your chances of getting them to agree to join the business.

Today, many people have friends and contacts who live a world away, and it’s not always realistic or convenient to meet up with them! Although it’s not as good as meeting them personally, you need to be on the phone with them while you send them to your chosen Intro Site. It’s important for you to stay on the call while they watch the videos, so you can hear when it’s over and know for sure they watched the entire video. Since people have very busy lifestyles, it’s way too easy for them to be distracted and thus, if you’re not on the phone with them, they may never take the time to see the entire Information Tunnel (videos). When each video ends, you should ask them the question: “What did you think?”

Nothing is more powerful than being a friend and helping your Prospects make a buying decision by being there, ready to answer any questions they might have or by referring them to where they can get their questions answered. Once the Prospect has seen the “All Products Pass the Grandma Test” video, it’s a good time to do a three-way call with a qualified Upline, edifying the Upline prior to making the call. In addition, this helps the Prospect confirm that this opportunity is in fact real!

Rule 3

"Build, Track, Work a List (BTW)"

The Power of This System - Since there are only Three Rules with HRI, failing to do any one of them is like missing huge benefits and giving up one third of your paychecks. Therefore, you will not be able to maximize the earnings from your business opportunity! Do not underestimate the power of Rule 3!

When Distributors are asked to create a list of people they know, most of them will write down about 30 names! Distributors simply look through their mobile phone contacts, Facebook, Email, etc., picking and choosing the ones they think might be interested in the opportunity. Unfortunately, these will be the only ones they will consider contacting about the opportunity and that is not a “Trackable Workable Systemized List”, nor is that list anywhere big enough for a Distributor to develop the automated self-growing business they have always dreamt about! For all Distributors who are serious and want to make it big, the use of our BTW in combination with the HRI “Memory Jogger” will quickly grow your list to 300 or much more.

Build the List

First, when building a list, you must start by writing down all the people you can think of to approach on an HRI specially designed BTW form. You should go strictly by memory (before looking at your phone, Facebook, etc.) until you can’t think of anyone else! This ensures the first portion of your list will be the individuals who are closest to you and the best ones of your “warm market”.

Second, you should write down every contact listed on any platform (example Phone, Facebook etc.) onto the BTW Tracking Form. Don’t think of this as too much work because it’s going to pay $1,500 per person UpFront and lots more after that! It’s important to go through this process since your warm market is limited and these contacts are the ones most likely to join! You want to make sure as many people as possible can make this decision, and this process helps you do exactly that.

Third, you should think of all those people you see regularly or periodically, but don’t have their number or in some cases, even their names. For example, the person in the coffee shop every morning with the red hat, etc. Add all of these onto the BTW.

Fourth, you should use the HRI Memory Jogger; a collection of words designed to jog your memory of the people you know. To achieve the best results, you can have a friend help you do this. Your friend simply reads to you each “Memory Jogger” listed and then suggests other related words that come to their mind (whatever they can think of) with you adding each person you are reminded of to the BTW. Even if you cannot remember their names, you need to write down what you remember about those persons anyway. Each time you look at your BTW, those people will pop up again. You still might not remember their names, where to reach them, and so on. However, those persons are again at the forefront of your mind and eventually, something will click.

Fifth, as you will learn in the next section, “Track the List”, at the start of every day, you will always go back to the beginning of your list, which reminds you again of those people. One day, something will click, and you will s remember those people’s details. Suddenly, there you are with a great Prospect to which you can show the business.

Sixth, day by day, as you work this business, you will undoubtedly meet new people to add to your BTW. For this new growing group of people, you want to make sure you obtain their contact details. It is important to create a separate BTW for these people, which is called your “Hot Contacts” list. Since these are newly-approached prospects, you must follow up with them daily while simultaneously continuing to work your original BTW.

Track the List

By using our specially designed BTW Tracking Form, you can easily track your progress with each contact every step of the way, from the initial contact and Opportunity offering, to our Information Tunnel with the video “You’ve Been Chosen…” then to the HomeRun Opportunity site where you learn about the products, to exploring the customer retail site and finally, to them joining HRI. When working with numerous people at the same time, it’s important to remember where you last left off with each one of them. The BTW Tracking Form allows you to do this effectively.

By doing this, it shows they are important to you, and that’s very important to them! The Prospects feel much better about joining a friend who shows a real interest in them rather than joining someone who is only looking to make a quick dollar! Tracking your list has many benefits, including the fact that you keep all the prospects you are working on at any given time at the forefront of your mind. The Tracking Form also keeps your prospects in order of importance and automatically moves you through the list as needed.

Work the List

There is a systematic way of working the list, which in turn makes the job of signing people up much easier,provided you follow it to the letter! The strategy for the best results is to “Eat the Frog for Breakfast!” You might think that would be crazy, and you’re right. However, the truth is if you “Eat a Frog for Breakfast”, the rest of the meals for that day will be considered “fine dining”, and you will look forward to each of them with a big smile. In the same way, you can get the hard part of the business (making phone calls) out of the way at the start of each day, and thus, the rest of the day is smooth sailing! You will have a sense of accomplishment and relief, which will enhance your mood for the benefit of anyone returning your calls later on. Since you don’t need to make any more calls for the day, those return calls always catch you in a good mood (the Prospect can sense this), making it much easier to show them the business and get them involved.

It is very important for you to speak with your Prospect! Once you initiate contact with a Prospect, you should leave a message every day until you get a chance to talk. On your first day, you should start working your list from the first name on down until, let’s say, you make it to the 18th person before you finish for the day. The second day, you go back to the beginning of the list since you must continue to attempt to make contact with all of those initial 18 people with whom you haven’t talked to or heard back from yet. As you work your list on the second day, you will find yourself getting further through the list, let’s say down as far as the 31st person, assuming you have already contacted some of the initial 18. However, you must remember your “Hot Contacts” list is always the priority. Before going down any further on your original BTW list, you must go through your “Hot Contacts” list first since it always takes priority. In the same way as your regular list, you must speak with the Prospect or leave a message every day until you do make contact!

Again, the third day, you go back to the very beginning of your list to try to reach any of the 31 with whom you still have not made contact. Every day, you always start back at the beginning of the list, contacting all those you tried to contact prior, but have not talked to yet. Each reminder can be as simple as a text message that relays the urgency and the $10,000 plus a month that’s at stake. Until you talk to them about the business or you can set a time to do so, the first thing to do is go back through the attempted contacts. You need to do this until you have spoken to all of them. Note: It is very important to make sure they get a message from you every day until you talk to them. This shows them what you need to tell them is very, very important!

Whether it’s in person or via a message, you must express urgency and the need to talk to them immediately! For the best results, it’s necessary to physically talk with your Prospects at least once for 15 to 20 minutes so you can walk them through the presentation (Intro Site videos). Now if they’re not sparing you the time, keep sending them one reminder daily about the $10,000 to $50,000 monthly opportunity… until this has been accomplished. Remember: A RIVER CUTS THROUGH ROCK NOT BECAUSE OF ITS POWER, BUT BECAUSE OF ITS PERSISTENCE. So keep at it! As long as you don’t spill the beans, sooner or later, they will give you the time.

Think about it: You have found a way for you and your friends to earn $10,000 to $50,000 USD per month, working as little as part time! Therefore, you must treat it as being a “WOW” by showing some kind of urgency in your attitude! If you don’t, they can easily think it’s not a big deal! Don’t downplay it! It is super important, and you need to treat it that way! Excitement goes a long way here! Take it for what it is, a once in a lifetime opportunity to make stupid money


Imagine you live on the tenth floor of a condo building where your good friend lives next door, and you just found out there is a huge fire in the building! Your response could go like this:

Scenario “A” - No Excitement or Urgency: Imagine this...
You take your time to finish what you are doing and then casually walk next door to your friend’s condo, tap lightly on the door, wait a minute and then knock again! Finally, after a couple of knocks, your friend answers, “Hi, there, oh I was meaning to come and see you. So, how have you been? How is the wife doing?”

You respond, “I’m fine, thanks for asking and as far as the wife goes, she has been feeling a bit sick the last few days with a cold, aching bones and a runny nose etc.! She’s been taking much more vitamin “C”, yet no improvement so far. Anyway, I did come to tell you there is a fire in the building, and you need to leave.”

Your friend’s response, “Oh, really? Well… ok, let me get my things, use the washroom and I’ll see you out there shortly.”

Now, would YOU think the fire is real, with this scenario? No urgency… no belief.

Scenario “B” - Lots of Excitement & Urgency:Imagine this...
You immediately run out the door and bang very hard on your good friend’s door, yelling “FIRE! YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THE BUILDING NOW, HURRY!!!

Which of these scenarios would you use? Which would your friend respond to appropriately? Obviously, Scenario “B” since the tone clearly gets across the exact message!

The same applies in this business! It’s not normal to be able to make that kind of money your first month in any program. It’s unheard of! Therefore, the way in which you express this message has a lot do with the level of believability the listener will have.

Click here to read...

What to say script - The Simple HRI Business

Part 1-B: What to Say Script - The Simple HRI Business

Knowing and understanding HRI’s “3 RULES” are prerequisites for this simple, proven and best method for working your HRI business. One thing HRI prides itself on is the simplicity of being able to do the business no matter what skill set or experience you have! If you follow the instructions exactly, you will earn more money than you ever thought possible!

However, some people, especially those with some experience in the industry, will think they can do this business better in some other way, shape, or form, using their own methods. Well, I’m telling you right here and right now, it’s not true! THERE IS NO BETTER WAY, PERIOD!

Here’s what you must understand and believe. You are not asking your friends to buy a certain product or demanding they get involved, you are just being a real friend by sharing this great business opportunity with them for their betterment (and yours)!

Literally anyone from all “walks of life” can easily do this business and do it well by religiously sticking to this well-tested recruiting and selling system; In the following document use only the words in “RED” when talking to your prospect.

Very Important Instructions

The Most Important Instruction:

$10,000 to $50,000 USD monthly, that’s a lot of money; I mean a lot of money, so you need to show some genuine excitement in both your voice and body language when speaking to a prospect.

The Second Most Important Instruction:

It is best to be physically in front of your person with a computer, tablet or Smartphone (the larger the screen the better) that has Internet access. Of course, a live presentation at one of the Stadiums is always best. If it’s not possible to meet with the prospect in person, being live on a phone call with them while they are watching the presentation (videos) is the only other option. As your prospect watches the opening video, you are to stay on the phone listening in the background (it’s only 3 min). In fact, you should continue to stay on the phone for all the videos throughout the entire process.

The Best and Most Effective Way to Do the Business

1) Start by telling your prospect this; “I just found out about this amazing business where you can make $10,000 to $50,000 US a month! Would you like to earn an extra $10,000 or more per month, Yes or No?”

2) Now, shut up and don't say a word! No matter what they say, do not respond other than “$10,000 plus per month, Yes or No?” That's it, that's all. Of course, 99.9% of them will say yes!

OK, now to clarify this point, I don’t care what they say, what question they ask or how impossible they think it is, just ask again if necessary; “Do you want to make $10,000 to $50,000 a month, Yes or No?” Again, wait for an answer!

Repeat the question until the person gets it and gives you an answer! No matter what, even if they threaten to hang up, do not say anything else other than repeating the question about making $10,000 plus per month! If they do hang up, you can always try them the next day; just don’t be tempted to reveal any other details or say anything else!

3) Once your person says “yes” or says “they don’t believe it” or responds in some positive way to the question, then just say; “OK, that’s fine. Would you be willing to watch a 3 minute and 57 second video?”

4) Everyone you know will say yes to this. You simply need to send them to the Intro Site of choice (more about this feature later), such as; [YourNickname].com

5) Now, you are

Example: with them in-person or on the phone as they type in your Intro Site address and watch the video. Say to them: “OK go-ahead, click anywhere on the picture, watch the “You’ve been Chosen…” video and I will stay with you on the line and wait.”

6) If you are on the phone with your prospect make sure you set yourself up on the website also so you can see exactly what they are looking at. Then you can grab the video time line and move it to the last few seconds to skip the video, so you can see the page layout your prospect will be looking at once they have finished watching the video.

7) When your friend has finished watching the video, simply ask them: "What did you think of the video? Be honest, you can't hurt my feelings as I've heard it all!”

8) Whatever they say, (example; it’s too fast, I don’t quite get it, there is too much info, I’ve seen stuff like this before etc.) it doesn’t matter, just agree with them completely and then say: “Yes I agree with what you’re saying”. If they didn’t say so specifically, ask them; “Did you find it to be a bit intriguing, interesting or do you feel curious?” 99.9% say yes.

9) Now, ask them this question: “You now have 2 choices; One is to watch the “You’ve Been Chosen…” video again or watch the “Show Me the Money!” video, which is actually shorter. Which one do you want to watch?

10) Whichever video they choose, you can tell them to watch it. Again, at the end of the video (see #9 above), ask them this: What are you thinking now?

11) Once they have seen the second video, “Show Me the Money!” ask them; Do you understand how we pay you $1,500 on a $600 sale? Confirm that they understand before moving forward.

12) Now ask them: “Can you read out loud the names of the other 4 videos please?” Repeat the names right back to them; All Products Pass the Grandma Test, The Secret Formula, Your Board Never Stops Moving and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

13) Now, you have them choose the video they want to watch based on the name and image (icon) of the videos. Repeat this process until they watch the “All Products Pass the Grandma Test!” video, at which time they will be transferred to the site. Here, they can learn about the Company, the products, watch more videos and view Testimonials, etc. There will be a “Welcoming” window pop-up where they are asked to give their info. This will give them a temporary ID and give you 10 days to get them to join and turn it into a permanent ID. To save time and effort, just ask them; You can do the Temporary Join, or you can join fully now instead! If no, they will need to do the Temporary Registration to see all the website and get their questions answered.

14) Once the prospect has seen the "All Products Pass the Grandma Test" video, you can tell them; “I would like to introduce you to someone who is an expert in this business and has been very successful!”

Note: This lends additional credibility to you and the business. Whether you’re an expert or not, this someone can also answer any of your prospect’s questions! Ideally, you have contacted an experienced Upline to be on standby. Prior to dialing in the Upline expert, you should take the time to edify the Upline expert as a very successful individual within this business. This should prompt your prospect to sit up and pay attention when they speak! Now, do the 3-way call with prospect and the Upline!

And Finally, One Last Word

Since you’re not selling the prospect per se, the prospect simply needs to decide if they really like the business or not. On their own accord, they choose to become a Wholesale Purchaser. Whether the prospect joins or not, all you have done is as a friend, shown them something you believe is a great option for them. It’s really that simple.

It doesn’t matter who you know, how broke your people are, what product you think they will love, what experience or lack of experience they have in sales, how busy the prospect is or what background they have, none of it matters! I’ve been doing this exact style of business within the network marketing industry since 1994, and no one has ever beaten my record! In fact, the next best individual in this unique style of networking marketing system has achieved only half my record! I’m not saying this to brag, I’m only saying this so you understand that the advice you have just received, this system of bringing people into the business, comes from the most experienced and best person in this very unique HRI business!

Part 2 - How to Take Advantage of the HRI Pre-Launch

To take advantage of the “HRI Pre-Launch” period, the following information will help you best prepare for the coming “Official HRI Launch Day”! This will result in you earning the most money possible at the beginning.

How it Works

  1. Each $600 and $4,000 product sale or Pre-Order earns a free spot in the lineup.
  2. There are two lineups for product sales, the Minor Leagues ($600) and the Major Leagues ($4,000).
  3. You can be placed in either lineup without paying, just use the Pay Later button when purchasing.
  4. You can use the Pay Later button in both Leagues up to 25 times for each.
  5. When using the Pay Later Button, you will receive a 7 days’ advance notice of the payment due date.
  6. At the last minute, you can cancel any order or if you do not pay for it, HRI will cancel it for you.
  7. When paying only some of your Pre-Orders, the oldest orders are paid first, HRI cancels the rest.
  8. Every paid order gets you a free “Entry” on the board.
  9. The Leader Board Pays the massive “MidTerm Money”, $50,000 to One Million Dollars.
  10. Extra Entries in the lineup provide opportunities for a Gold Card, the key to get on the Leader Board.

Make More Money

It is best for you to get in the lineup as close as possible to the beginning. The more Entries you have in the lineup, the more times you will be in position to earn $3,000 USD the first day of the HRI Launch. As the lineup gets longer, it will increase the number of people who will be paid out for their sales on day one. Each extra spot in the lineup could gain you a “Gold Card”, which in turn could qualify you for the Leader Board whereby you could earn an additional $50,000, $125,000 or even $250,000 on the Minor League Boards and $200,000, $300,000 or $500,000 on the Major League Boards! The more chances you can have at qualifying for the Leader Board, the better!

Setting yourself up in the Pre-Launch for maximum results gives you a “Personal Starting Story” that will help in closing your people and the people of others around you for years to come! You can never re-do your “Personal Starting Story” again. Everyone you introduce over the years will ask how well you did in your first few weeks or months. You need to take advantage of the Pre-Launch period and build the best “Personal Starting Story” possible.

Part 3-A: Speed Up Your Board Techniques

There are many things you can do to increase the speed of your Board. The importance of doing this can never be overstated! Here is an example of what happens to your people, your downline and your Team Members when you speed up the splitting of your Board.

Imagine This: Picture an average 9 to 5 guy named Joe. He is introduced to HRI and receives a free Entry on a Sales Team (Board).

Example A:

Joe makes it to Home Plate after six weeks of being involved with the business. This is where the UpFront Money is paid, $1,500 for each Minor League Baseball Card (BC) & $10,000 for each Major League BC. Joe is now fully paid out.

His Response: Well this business works, I think I will tell a couple of people.

Example B:

Joe makes it to Home Plate within 30 days and is fully paid out.

His Response: Hey, this business really works, its so cool, I’ve got to tell lots of people about this business opportunity now because I’m going to make some good money here.

Example C:

Joe makes it to Home Plate after only two weeks and is fully paid out.

His Response: OMG, this is amazing! Wow! This business is unbelievable, I can’t believe it’s true! I’m going to work this business every minute possible, and I’m going to get everyone and anyone in this business I can and make a ton of money doing so.

Example D:

Joe makes it to Home Plate after only three days and is fully paid out.

His Response: This is crazy! I’m going to be rich, I’m working it full time and I’m signing up everyone I know as well as anyone who dares to get in my way, I can’t sleep, this is so crazy big, I’m so excited! I’m working this business around the clock and my 15-year mortgage will be paid off within months!

Part 3-B: Speed Up Your Board - 9 Ways

Here are the 9 top ways to speed up your “Board splitting” and at the same time, increase the excitement, efforts and the success of the Sales Team Members;

1) The Dugout – Always try to have a sale in the Dugout (lineup) while the clock is ticking (during the Protection Period). This gives you a chance at the Leader Board ($50,000 to $250,000 MidTerm Money). Teach everyone to make more sales than they need so they can also benefit from having a sale in the lineup.

2) The Layaway Button – As a Distributor in a Leader Board position or while one of your Baseball Cards is at Home Plate, you can use the Layaway Button. This means you can leverage the money you will earn from that Board to help purchase another product. This counts as another sale resulting in another Entry on the Board. Note: This purchase will be on Layaway until it is fully paid from the earnings of that Board.

3) Consume Additional Products – With each additional product purchase, you will receive an extra free Entry on the Board and the allotted Baseball Card. Reasons to consider this option are as follows;

    A) Increase Your Downline’s Online Sales Ability with FireCracker SEO: This is a great product choice and promoting it will teach every buyer to become a better online marketer, meaning more sales, ultimately increasing your Downline’s success

    B) Use Our Products for Gifts Many of our products are unique and make great gifts.

    C) Using and Promoting the “Savers Pro Business Tool” Products: These products provide you 25 to 60 promotional tools in one product package to help drive more people to see what this business is all about! You can also use them to promote any business or even sell them to other business owners. You can also sell them as singles or smaller packs of 10 as well.

    D) Have Product in Stock: Have products samples available to retail at the right time and/or collect all products to use as demos etc.

    E) Just simply consume or make use of more of our unique products.

4) Penciling – Sometimes, you might have someone purchasing a product and thus receiving a free Board Entry, but maybe they need to go to the bank first, etc. While you are waiting for them and in prediction of their purchase, you can put their name on the Board by “Penciling” them in (use their First Name or Nickname). This means that spot on the Board is locked up for the next 24 hours maximum, awaiting their purchase. While you can Pencil someone in the “At Bat” position at any time, it is best to “Pencil” only when you are fairly certain there will be a product purchased.

5) Retail Products – When retailing products whether you are doing it one on one or using the HRI retail site, you will receive a free Entry on the Board as allotted. Teaching others to retail products also helps.

6) Warp Button – When using this button, it’s like “Warp Speed Ahead”, setting the clock to zero once all the 1st Base Players either have their two sales (both spaces in the Protection Period Box are full, Green Card or No Card) or have pressed the Warp Button. To be most effective, it’s best to confirm each of the 1st Base Players are planning to get their two sales. If they are not planning to do so (Maybe they are going on holidays during the 100 hrs. etc.), you should suggest they press the Warp Button, so they do not hold the Sales Team up.

7) Keep Money in Your HRI Account – When a prospect is ready to join, you can pay for his purchase or sale, so he receives his free position on the Board immediately while he hands you the money in person! This saves lots of time as well as the exchange fees

8) Snap Back Loans – If there is a situation where you would like to loan someone money so they can make a purchase, you can use the Snap Back Loan option (It’s wise you only loan a maximum of 1/3 of the amount needed, this way they always “have skin in the game” as the saying goes!). By making sure they have some reasonable amount of money involved, it increases the likelihood they will actually work the business. Snap Back Loans insure that when they agree to pay you back for the loan, their earnings will be directed to you until you are fully repaid!

9) 9 Methods – Teach everyone to buy or sell two products on day one and receive a third product for free. When someone retails or purchases two Minor League products, the first product earns them a free Entry on the Board, in turn, they become a member of the Team. As a member of the Team, they will receive the Baseball Card from their second product purchase/sale, earning them $1,500. This already puts the Distributor ahead of the game. However, to help insure every Distributor is successful we are offering the following; When a Distributor sells or purchases two products within 24 hours, not only will they receive the money from the Baseball Cards (Minor League = $1,500) but in addition, HRI will give them our “54 Intro Sites” product ($995 retail) free of charge! As a Distributor, you can also buy the “54 Intro Sites” product at any time for $600 and receive your free Entry on the Board. Once a Distributor owns the “54 Intro Sites” product, he can use all of them indefinitely for as long as they are an HRI Distributor

Teach the 9 Methods – It’s an absolute must to teach everyone on your Sales Team Boards and Downline the Importance of the “Speed of the Board” and how these 9 methods will help speed it up! By the taking the time to teach this information, you will dramatically increase the sales ability of everyone involved.