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You can earn thousands of dollars within your first month, literally! Make it completely your choice to work from home, work online, attend live presentations, meet at coffee shops or in any way you please. This is the simplest, most duplicable and effective success system available today, and the good news is, it’s just in its infancy! You will have more prospects join you as we have the highest closing ratio in the industry due to our innovative “Information Tunnel” and our unique, massive “Upfront Money” process that pays you this month or even this week!

Unlike other “opportunities” where you need to justify the high cost of the product through some lengthy sales pitch because the retail price for similar products is much less, our system is based on real product value and real customer sales.

Proven Business Success

If you’ve been searching for that perfect business opportunity, we can assure you that you’ve found a gold mine! Welcome to HomeRun International (HRI), a worldwide, innovative marketing company that has been tried, tested and developed to perfection since 1994. You now get the chance to be one of the first to share our revolutionary, 21st century, advanced version of the massive money-making “Time Leverage System”.

Track Record of Success

65,000 Distributors

$66,000,000 in revenue

Over $44,000,000 paid in Commissions

The underlying concept, the “Time Leverage System”, was tested by tens of thousands of Distributors proving it to be extremely powerful. Many Distributors made ridiculous amounts of money in their first few months, some earning over $50,000 their first month!

Your Advantage

Today, the perfected system is available worldwide to those who make the choice to join and take advantage of this Massive Profitability offering! Whether you are big or small, rich or poor, a university graduate or have little or no high school education, YOU CAN DO this business and achieve great success with it. With the goal of making it easy and fun for all, HRI is built upon a fun sport theme that most everyone can enjoy and understand! The theme helps by keeping it simple, exciting and relatable! The video, “You’ve Been Chosen…”, covers the concept and key components in just 3 minutes and 57 seconds!

By a Distributor, For a Distributor

The Founder was the most successful Distributor coming out of the gate, earning $156,000 cash in his first six weeks! He then learned the product he was selling was way over priced and in good conscience, simply couldn’t sell it anymore. He wanted to make lots of money working as a Distributor, so…

He set out to create a company that offers Distributors
a realistic opportunity that pays massive “Upfront Money”,
selling products with real value.

If HRI had existed at that time, he would have joined and been living on the beach, retired before he was 32! Since the perfect opportunity didn’t exist, he had to spend the next 22 years building it from scratch through trial and error, overcoming incredible challenges along the way! If you don’t have the desire to run a company, have employees, overhead and the extensive challenges that go with it, the good news is you don’t have to do so. Simply enjoy being a Distributor with HRI, make a fortune and have complete freedom!

The Ultimate Earning System

The original thought was to create a company that offers ridiculous compensation so as a Distributor, I could make massive income and thus enjoy life without any concerns about the profits for a company. Over the years, as I was learning from experience as a Distributor and running a company with tens of thousands of Distributors, many revolutionary structural concepts and practices were added, resulting in the “Ultimate Earning System”. Each time we started a new advanced program using the “Time Leverage System”, it got better.

Our website has the complete story of a decades-long dedication to creating the best business opportunity in existence today! You now have in your hands this “Ultimate Earning System” available for you to build upon and enjoy more success than you’ve ever had before. The offer to you today is the “Holy Grail” of Network Marketing!

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