Save the Planet: The Ultimate Charity

Problem: Modern society requires companies to balance profits with being good social citizens, which includes awareness of environmental and social well-being. Most companies do not have any method, systemized or otherwise, of giving to some greater causes and thus, they do not help to make a difference on the world scene.

Revolution: “Save the Planet”! HRI recognizes that giving to a charity is important, and we want to make sure it is by far the best charity we can all benefit from!

Environment, Charity, Save the Planet. HRI has decided to support charities we can all benefit from, charities that do something with a “Save the Planet” approach. HomeRun International is serious about its responsibility to contribute to society. While there are many worthwhile causes, our take is that if there is no planet, then nothing else matters. Our focus, therefore, is on supporting causes or Charities that protect the planet. There is no “Planet B!”

Focusing on Natural Ways to Help Strengthen Mother Nature. At HomeRun International, we are focused on natural ways to strengthen Mother Nature with lots of encouragement for our affiliates, staff and suppliers to help them develop their environmental awareness and help nourish Mother Nature.

Providing a Percentage of Sales to Charities Dedicated to Protecting the Planet. HomeRun International contributes a percentage from each product sale to support environmentally friendly causes and Registered Charities that utilize near 100% of their received contributions to protect the planet. In addition, each and every Distributor decides what percentage they would like to contribute (minimum 1% of their earnings), and HRI donates 100% of those earnings.