Territories - The Dream

All Distributors, at one point or another, have dreamt of what it would be like to have a huge downline like that of a top Distributor! Can you imagine getting paid when any of the top Distributors’ downlines create sales or buy products? Better yet, how would you like to earn money from many Distributors, even though they are not in your Downline? How cool would that be? This is not available to you from any other company, period! For many onlookers or new Distributors, this would seem like only a dream! With HRI, you can make it real!

HRI Territories - The Reverse Franchise

Unlike a franchise where you pay a percentage of sales monthly to the Head Office, with a “Reverse Franchise” you actually get paid a percentage monthly from the Head Office; a lot better, wouldn’t you say? To understand this, let’s look at how a franchise works.

Let’s say we are the Subway Corporation and you want to benefit from the brand we’ve created because most everybody loves to eat at Subway. To use our brand would cost you $250,000 upfront, and then you still must send 12.5% every month of gross sales (minus the sales tax) back to the Head Office. Subway Corporation needs to expend little effort, has little overhead, few employees and zero food costs. Basically, most of what you send is profit to us. Now from your sales, in addition to our 12.5%, you must subtract your food costs, labor costs, and all your other overhead, etc. You probably don’t have much left! Whose shoes would you rather be in, Subway Corporation or the franchisee? Exactly!

So, we created Territories, our Reverse Franchise, which allows a person to profit from sales within a Territory. In fact, without any of the normal business expenses, you still collect a percentage on all sales in your Territory. That is the concept behind what we call “HRI Territories”, and unlike a franchise where you pay the Company, HRI, the Company actually pays you.

Inventor Territories

The concept of Inventor Territories is similar. Inventors use our proprietary Territory Software System to expand their sales reach and gain salesmen in areas (Territories) that they can provide their product to.


For the Inventor – gain the advantage of having a worldwide marketing company working for them at a very cost-effective rate.

For the Territory Purchaser – gain Exclusive Rights to the Latest Greatest product in their Territory of choice.

For the HRI Distributor – gain access to a wide variety of the Latest Greatest products from all over the world to sell.

For HRI – we become the “Go-To Company” for the world’s largest selection of the Latest Greatest products available on the planet today.

Area Design

Territories are Areas defined by population. The population used to calculate a Territory (an “Area”) depends on specific related economic indicators of each country; Smart Phone usage, internet usage, disposable income, number of cars per population, etc.! By adjusting the population size, each Territory is designed to be similar in value (potential sales) regardless of where in the world the Territory is located.

In Canada, the population of 34,000,000 is divided by approximately 85,000 people per Territory, resulting in 400 Territories. In the Philippines, the population of 100,000,000 is divided by 250,000, resulting in 400 Territories.

Whether you buy a Territory in the Philippines or in Canada, it doesn’t matter because all Territories cost the same, and have approximately the same income potential.


Every time somebody buys an HRI product in your Territory, whether they’re in your Downline, Upline, Sideline, Crossline, or anywhere else, every purchase result in you getting approximately 5% percent of the wholesale price, which is calculated at exactly 3% of the full price paid (including shipping and any taxes).

In addition, all Inventor product sold in your Territory will gain you an override regardless of who sells them.

At the same time, the Seller, your Sponsor or the Distributor who sold it to you, is encouraging you to increase the volume of sales because they are paid an override on all sales in your Territory ensuring their ongoing support!

The Bottom Line

HRI Distributors gain new products to sell by introducing Inventors to HRI. Inventors expand their product sales faster as HRI pays ridiculously large commissions (through the “Time Leverage System”) and overrides to those who sell Inventor Product Territories. This means the Inventor Product Territories will have a priority sales position for all Distributors. Also, those who buy HRI Territories know that the system is designed to get more products in their Territory which means even more money for them (overrides from Territory product sales).