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Three Rules

Rule 1: Shut the Beep, Beep and Beep Up!

Over 80% of all Distributors cannot sell, so to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, simply ask your prospect: “Would you like to make $10,000 to $50,000 a month working part time, YES or NO?” Say nothing else; repeat the question as necessary. Then use any “Intro Site” and let the “Information Tunnel” take over! Even if you’re an industry expert or think the prospect will join, say nothing else; no company name, no product, etc.

Rule 2: Face-to-Face or on the phone while they watch the videos!

Nothing is better than face-to-face while showing the videos to your prospect! ONLY when distances are too far, like when you are cities or countries apart, would you use the next best method, which is staying on the phone with them listening as they watch each video. In either case, after each video ask them, “What do you think?” Agree with whatever they say and then ask them what video they want to watch next?    

Rule 3: Build, Track, Work a List (BTW)

To achieve excellence in networking, you must Build, Track and Work a List! Most people will write down 30 prospects! For those who are serious and want to make it big, the HRI “Memory Joggers” will quickly build anyone’s list to hundreds of prospects! Consistent use of BTW, a “trackable systemized list organizer” helps to ensure you don’t miss anyone. Then just follow the HRI perfected contacting system provided.

“The Hard Truth ”

There are only “Three Rules” with HRI, failing to do any one of them is like cutting your benefits and giving up 1/3rd of your paychecks or more! It will also dramatically reduce your Longterm Money and growth! See each Rule Document and learn in detail how to “Speed Build” your HRI business for great success.